About Us

Q3 Technologies is one of India’s leading customized software development and IT consulting firms with a proven track of leveraging innovations, and industry knowledge to deliver innovative solutions to spark growth. We adopt an industry-specific, customer-centric approach to create powerful products to accelerate your digital transformation. Whether it’s digital solutions, customized software development services, or top-of-the-line consulting services, we never hesitate to push the envelope to help you achieve your business ambition and chart your digital transformation. Our core expertise includes end-to-end custom technology solutions, including software, mobile applications, data and BI, AI led digital transformation, cloud, cyber security, and UI/UX services where we harness new technologies to help you remain ahead of your competitors.

In order to ensure that our tech strategy is perfectly aligned with your business ambitions, we consistently strive to deliver state-of-the-art, innovative solutions for our clients at highly competitive prices. We leverage innovations and expertise better than our customers to help you strengthen your brand recognition and better ROI.

Vision & Mission

To consistently deliver top quality, highly innovative, and the most cost-effective technology solutions for our clients.

To be the world’s most trusted IT company by consistently delivering top quality innovation and cost-effective technology solutions for our client’s business.

Honestly and Excellence

A commitment to be honest, sincere and transparent in our dealings with our customers, vendors and employees and to strive relentlessly in pursuit of excellence in our people, process and technologies.

Customer and Employee Centric

A commitment to create and environment where ideas, creativity, free-flowing communication and innovation are fortified, leading to customer and employee success by exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value.

Socially and Environmentally Responsible

A commitment to give back to society and preserve our environment for a sustainable future.

To be the leading provider of high end, best of breed product engineering life cycle solutions to the global software development and IT industry.


Anuj Mathur Chief Executive Officer
Nandita Mathur Chief Strategy Officer
& Head of Engineering
Varun Singla Associate VP-Sales & Marketing
Rajeeb Biswas Director-HR and Administration
Naresh Bansal Chief Financial Officer