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DevOps and Agile development aims in delivering very frequent but small updates. This is how we believe organizations can innovate faster for their customers. Frequent but small updates make each deployment less risky. This helps teams address bugs faster because teams can identify the last deployment that caused the error. Q3 provides DevOps consulting services, CI/CD assessment and implementation on cloud, on-premise or hybrid mode. Established multiple centralized on-premise continuous delivery processes and automation frameworks for a large customers, leading to improvement in productivity, increased transparency for better decision making and faster releases from 3 months to weekly releases.

Q3 embraces the mobile-first web reality through its cross-platform contemporary applications. With over two decades of experience as leading web app development service providers, we provide aesthetically pleasing and fully functional business solutions. We use the most advanced programming languages (JavaScript and HTML5), backend and frontend technologies, cloud services, architecture types, databases and DevOps tools to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.

DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions

Q3 is one of India’s leading custom web application development companies with more than two decades of experience in creating B2B and B2C app solutions. We have worked with clients of all sizes, from the most promising startups to the world’s leading tech giants, across a wide range of industries like e-learning, data analysis, healthcare, e-commerce and FinTech.
We provide end-to-end web development services, which include custom web development, updates, migration and maintenance services for existing solutions.
Are you looking for web app development services for your business? Partner with Q3, a credible and experienced web app developer. Leverage our expertise in DevOps and Agile methodologies for a scalable, intuitive and secure web app to drive business growth.
The team of developers, designers and engineers at Q3 can help drive profitability, customer loyalty, and overall business growth. We empower you to explore new opportunities across digital channels and cross-business milestones much quicker. With Q3, you stand toe-to-toe with the most recent tech advancements the industry has to offer. We use our expertise and web app development services to modernize or redesign an existing web interface so that your solutions align with your evolving business needs.

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DevOps and Agile Methodologies

Q3 leverages DevOps and Agile methodologies and delivers services and applications in a shorter period. The speed at which we improve, develop and deliver services enables you to provide a better customer experience and improve the effectiveness of your offerings in the market.
Our DevOps and Agile methodologies development team aim at delivering small yet frequent updates. These updates make your existing deployments less risky and allow developers to fix bugs much faster by identifying the latest update that caused a problem. Our key offerings are

  • DevOps Consulting Services
  • CI/CD assessment
  • CI/CD cloud implementation, on-premise implementation and hybrid mode
In our two decades of experience as DevOps solution providers, our notable solutions for clients include
  • Establishing multiple centralized on-premise continuous delivery processes and frameworks for automation
  • Ensuring an increase in productivity
  • Increasing transparency to improve decision-making
  • Reducing the time taken to deliver final solutions

Why Q3 For DevOps Consulting Services?

In the past twenty years since our start in Boston, Q3 has evolved and grown as a leading tech service provider, developing solutions for the most reputed and largest conglomerates across the world. Our excellence is a blend of technical skills, industry expertise and a focus on solutions with app and process framework outsourcing capabilities.
Q3’s unique approach to solution development helps align our processes with your business interests, ensuring higher flexibility in engagement and delivery, providing continuous support for clients and innovating through our innovation labs and competence centers.
Our integrated development facilities network spread across India is aided by our offsite, onsite and near-shore capabilities across international markets. This allows us to deliver superior quality and service while optimizing costs and expenses.

How Our DevOps Solution Can Resolve Your DevOps-Specific Challenges

Providing greater value to customers

Our DevOps teams focus on result-oriented tasks like enhancing tech quality and innovating ways to improve efficiency. Through our iterative DevOps processes, we encourage innovation, flexibility and agility to take your business to a whole new level.

Reducing cycle time

Our teams constantly run deployments and tests, which helps us patch issues and fix bugs as and when they arise. This helps us respond to customer needs much faster and thus reduce cycle times significantly.

Much faster time to market

DevOps is a weapon for businesses, accelerating processes and enabling scalability. Our DevOps solutions provide faster feedback on functions and features, thus reducing customer request response times.


DevOps consultants are certified professionals whose clients hire them to resolve a particular problem or educate their employees about the use of DevOps tools. A DevOps consultant always functions in line with the DevOps principles.

A DevOps developer is skilled in designing and developing deployment arrangements. They leverage configuration management technology for building solutions, allowing them to upgrade and fix the environment and deploy new modules in it.

Our unique business approach and a blend of industry experience and technical skills help us to align our services with every unique customer requirement. We also provide round-the-clock support for customers and strive to ensure a culture of constant innovation.

Industry experts agree that organizations that use software, especially for app development and overall industrial innovation, can see much greater results by a DevOps culture implementation.

The seven key practices of DevOps are

  • Continuous integration
  • Configuration management
  • Automated testing
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Continuous deployment
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous monitoring