Working with ‘Q3 Technologies’ has allowed us at Avanti West Coast to create website at a high pace. Since the change from ‘Virgin trains’, we have been working towards getting the Avanti website up to par with what the previous standards were. The support from Q3, from their employees and working practices, they given us a website that can achieve this goal. Additionally, we have many third parties helping to support the website with their own changes, and Q3 are always ready to aid in implementing them, this making them a very adaptable company to work with. Furthermore, when we introduced more AGILE ways of working, they were willing to make the changes and thus allow us to create a more productive work environment with better quality releases. The people at Q3 are very hardworking, diligent and assiduous with the work they produce, but also are very personal, which has allowed us to create a great working relationship, which in turn has allowed us to work much more productively.

Nitesh Parmar

Website Product Owner at Avanti West Coast