Explore how Q3 Technologies partnered with a highly respected leader in advanced food nutrition management systems in the United States, to re-design and develop a cutting-edge web-based nutrition analysis software. This innovative web application migrating empowers users to create food recipes, manage ingredients, calculate food costing, and generate labels, among many other essential functions. Q3 Technologies successfully delivered a comprehensive Nutrition Management System, featuring four distinct applications tailored to meet the diverse needs of the client’s users. existing desktop application features into the online application.

  • Offline Application: Enhanced In-Premises Access for users.
  • Online Application: A central platform for real-time nutrition management.
  • Trial Application: Facilitating User Transition
  • Backend Tool: Empowering administrators to oversee and maintain data.

Technology Used – Angular v12.x Framework, HTML 5.0

Business Benefits: Anticipated & Achieved

  • Easy Accessibility and Enhanced User Experience
  • Streamlined Food and Diet Analysis
  • Gained Competitive Edge
  • Efficient Subscription Management
  • Upgraded Online Version

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