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Ali Nourbakhsh

FirstGroup plc, UK

When looking for a company to take away the pain from bespoke development, Q3 technologies looked like an outfit that could handle the job. From the outset, their professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, observance of deadlines and technical expertise assured us that we were in safe hands. All demands placed on the project were met with flexibility, a determination to excel and the technical knowhow to deliver. It has certainly been a pleasure to work with the Q3 team and is also the beginning of a longer term collaboration to work on a raft of new projects.

Duncan Waugh
Head of Rail IS

Kunle Ibidun
Rail Digital Development Manager


Samsung was looking for a technology firm to help us build enterprise mobile analytical tool for our sales and marketing division. We are very happy to have picked Q3 technologies as our partner. Even though there were many technical challenges during the implementation of the project, the Q3 team was quick to respond and deliver alternate solutions. We are already in process of working on another project with Q3.

The technical skill sets, dedication and delivery responsibility of team was outstanding. My special thanks to Q3 team for all the support they offered all the way, I wish all success to Q3 for future growth.

Suveen Anand
Manager, System Innovation

Deckers Brands

We have seen tremendous value in engaging Q3 Technologies for Demandware development. It allowed us to to build a truly flexible hybrid team of in house and offshore developers who work excellent together.

The Q3 team really felt like an extended part of my own team working through our progressive enhancements and projects with great initiative and enthusiasm whilst ensuring quality is at the heart of all the work they complete.

Furthermore, the Q3 management team really do want to get to the heart of your vision and help recommend the best engagement steps so you can get the best out of the relationship.

Justin Tiernan
Senior Manager, Digital Technology - E M E A

ASG Software Solutions, USA

We are a software vendor for a .Net based product that includes extensive integration with SharePoint. Q3 joined our development team during 2013 to help expedite a release that was in progress. Since then Q3 team members have played an integral role in the on time delivery of this release and all subsequent releases. Their in-depth SharePoint experience and knowledge of best practices has played a key role in both the on time completion of releases and in performing research to help determine future product direction. We appreciate the commitment and flexibility that Q3 has demonstrated in helping us to meet our goals and look forward to continuing our work with them.

Bill Dulyk, Manager
ASG Software Solutions

The Jewelry Channel, Inc., USA

Q3 Technologies has been a valued business partner to VGL. Flexible in their approach, dedicated to our success, and easy with which to do business. Their knowledge and expertise has enabled the systems strategy that makes VGL the value leader in electronic retailing of jewelry and lifestyle products. I would recommend Q3 to anyone with complex application needs and look forward to our continued partnership.

Charlie Curnow

LightPro Software, US

LightPro Software has been extremely pleased with our decision to augment our own development team with people from Q3. Their staff quickly grasped not only the technical aspects of our application but the underlying business requirements of our customers. Within a short period of time the Q3 staff was not just up to speed, they were making intuitive inferences and even making suggestions for improving our application. I was and am very impressed by the people at Q3. So much so that we are adding additional resources from Q3.

Gary Shell
Chief Technical Officer

ATC TIPL Ltd, India

We have been working with Q3 Technologies for upward of three years now. Q3 has been a valued partner in our approach to consumerization of enterprise IT with user friendly technologies and agile implementation.

Q3 has worked on several platforms including the core partner relationship and mobility platform. Found them to be very responsive, flexible and cognizant of the emerging needs and evolving business context and have skills in a range of current opensource technologies which they quickly deploy to address client issues.

Will recommend them to anyone seeking an effective partner.

Chetan Juneja
ATC TIPL Ltd formerly Viom Networks

Tax Audit Defense, LLC

If there ever was a company that made us feel comfortable that our business systems needs would be met right from the beginning, Q3 Technologies is that Company. Right from the beginning of the conversation with Q3, it became clear that your staff not only have the technical background but the understanding of the Business application of Technology. Both the Management Staff and the supporting Technology conducted themselves in a professional manner and accommodated our needs in every way.

This Project is critical to our growth and we are pleased with the way the staff at Q3 understood our needs and effectively translated the business solution "on-time-on-budget". It is indeed a pleasure to work with the Q3 team. We believe we have established a long term relationship with the Q3 Technologies management and technical staff.

We see additional work for the Q3 Staff.

S. Jesse Stancarone, cdp

Immersion Consulting, Inc., USA.

For several years we work with the development group at Q3. It was and is a pleasure to work with talented, motivated and passionate people. We mainly focus on extensions and development in the Microsoft SharePoint space including development and enhancements of functions and features. Our portfolio includes Branding, Look and Feel, Front and Backed development for Moss 2007, SP2010 and SP2013. Q3 perfectly extends our US based development and architecture team where Q3 either takes on the entire development project and spearheads it or is part of a larger team where the lead comes from the US.

In the years we have been working with Q3 we always felt like ONE team.

Thomas Runds

ERP Maestro, Inc., USA

We met Q3 at the Gartner IT Expo in Orlando in 2012. When we decided to use Q3 as an extended offshore arm in developing our ERP Product named ERP Maestro, we believed that Q3 had the ability to deliver technology and services in a professional way. The Q3 team proved to be a very competent and professional group of software development specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results on very complex software development work. We are very pleased with the Q3 team that worked with us on the ERP Maestro project and we would gladly work with them in our future projects.

Shayne Paterson
CIO | ERP Maestro, USA

The Compass Group

Compass Group was looking for a technology firm to help us build MyCompass SharePoint portal for us. We are very happy to have picked Q3 technologies as our partner. You are professional in their approach and also willing to go the extra miles.
We are happy with how things have progressed so far with Q3 and are looking forward to work with them in future as well.

Rahul Singholia
Manager – IS&T

Logic20/20, Inc., USA

We are currently working on a project with Q3. I am impressed with the quality and professionalism of their resources. What I appreciate most is that their developers took the initiative to study and understand requirements, our goal and the overall strategy, as opposed to mechanically executing requirements. This enabled them to make useful suggestions, participate in solution brainstorming and even catch some issues, before they were developed into the product. Q3, keep up the good work!

My Chemist, Australia

New to the technology space, we needed to develop an App to assist us deliver improved efficiencies with very specific tasks for our international buying team. We knew what it had to do but not the know how to make it a reality. Enter Q3 Technologies. After a brief fortunate meeting in Australia, Q3 responded very quickly once engaged to scope the project, listened very carefully to what we needed and got to work developing and testing our new App. They were innovative in finding novel solutions to issues and scope creep along the way.

My experience was that they were very patient, understanding and technically very good in developing and delivering what will be an important tool for our business.

Mark Finocchiaro
Managing Partner

DataPath, Inc. USA

I began working with Q3 a few years ago as company was producing a new product. Over this time we have had three development and QA teams working closely together. During this time we communicate via phone, email and Skype on a daily basis. Our work together has been a great experience.

One of the highlights has been working with the Project Manager. He is a very effective communicator, asks great question for finalizing requirements and gives regular and open status reports. On the times when things have slipped by 1-2 days, the Project Manager and his team have worked on the weekend to help keep the schedule in check.

We all have enjoyed our collaboration and highly recommend Q3.

Rebecca Schwoch
Project Manager, DataPath, Inc.

Everest Customer Solutions, USA

‘We’ve been working with Q3 now for almost a year and have been very happy with the results. Being a company that has many projects in progress at one time with very pressing deadlines, Q3 was able to get up to speed in a timely fashion and work in our fast-paced environment efficiently. They have not only responded to our requirements impressively but taken it a step further and provided us with great ideas and improvements. We look forward to continue working with this team in the future.’

Kristin Buckley
Everest Customer Solutions

IBusiness Solutons, France

We specialize in web and mobile software design. For one project that involved 5 CMS technologies, Blackberry and iPhone applications, we were searching for a partner from Europe to India and were seeing solution companies. At CeBIT 2009, we found Q3 Technologies under the Indian Pavilion and we went through a selection process by visiting them and other companies in India. We are now associated with Q3 for more than a year and in Q3 we have found the right partners with all the skills in order to architect, develop, test and finally develop a brand new solution..

Veniel Sébastien

Symfo SA, Belgium

We have been working with Q3 Technologies for the last 2 years now for a very complicated project that we are in, with lot of technologies involved. Q3 has matched up to our expectations and the deliverables were in time. Now we are getting into the phase 2 and we know, we are confident, that things will only get better.

Max Duysens
Solutions Expert

Telekurye, Turkey

We've worked together on a project which is quite difficult. From the very first day of this project, Q3 team tried to understand us and our needs ideally. They always kept the communication strong through peer-to-peer contacts and with reliable speeches. They successfully overcame all the technical difficulties encountered during the project. We want to thank Q3Tech team and we’d like to also specify that we gladly want to work together again in future projects.

Hayri Cihan Dayı

c-entron Software GmbH, Germany

The challenge to provide our customers data’s from ERP, helpdesk and ticket system in a native app on different platforms, such as Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS, we needed a partner who understands our business processes, who have the know-how integrated in our existing IT web services infrastructure and supports design and functionality from a single source and finally the employee are friendly and competent to new problems.

All these requirements we have found in the Team of Q3 Technology.

My positive experience with Q3 is that they are able to new challenges, desires that have arisen in the course of the project, competent, agile and flexible to operate, also the integration of innovative solutions were implemented perfectly by Q3 tech.

Volker Lehnert
Project Leader Mobility Solutions / Sales Manager DACH

Ferris Global Advisors LLC, USA

About 3 - 4 years ago we identified some gaps in our process based approach in terms of our development teams and one thing that attracted us to Q3 was there rigorous process based approach. After meeting some of their top members we were impressed with their experience and their ability to solve technical problems that were complex. We went over with some requirements documents with them, their estimates were in line with our budget, it was something to move forthwith. We have worked on about 3 to 4 projects up till this point of time over a year and a half. Overall there are always challenges around two companies that are working together. Always important to us is that we are able to quantify and measure the challenges that were in front of us and they overcame them in a very systematic way. Q3 is definitely a company that I recommend. If you have complex work and need a second hand, definitely reach out.

Aaron Forsyth
Co-Founder and COO

Milliman, Inc., USA

We found Q3 to be very responsive to our requirements. The team deployed with us worked hard to meet our objectives and deliverables. Q3 was flexible in accommodating our varied need for technical skillsets. A word of appreciation is also due to their client interfacing skills. We found them to be good listeners as well as balanced responders. We were regularly updated of the work progress. Milliman will definitely work again with Q3 in the near future.

Vandana Bhardwaj
Senior IT consultant

NIIT Limited

We have been working with Q3 Technologies since past 6 months. Q3 technologies understood our complex domain and have been able to provide technical solutions. They are professional in their approach and also willing to go the extra mile.

Sr. Vice President
Vijay Kumar Srinivasan

c-entron Software GmbH, Germany

Q3 Technologies has a team of highly creative and dedicated .NET developers who work very hard to produce applications of very good quality.

It is clearly a cut above the rest and distinguishes itself by its obsessive focus on client satisfaction and on creating products that are often an ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics. It actively hand holds us, the c-entron software-company, to help us identify the optimal product likely to suit our businesses/projects and then works towards creating our products.

The focus on quality does not come at the cost of time or price.

All in all, you'd be making a big mistake if you took your application development project elsewhere!

Thomas Hoffman

Comquip, Inc., USA

It has been great working with Q3. The team members working on my .Net system development project have taken the time to understand the business intent of the project. Further, they have suggested alternative technical mechanisms, for both infrastructure and screen-database interaction, which will better meet that business intent. They do good work, and I expect to work with them in the future.

Charles W. Smith
General Manager

ASuperStudent, Australia

When we chose Q3 to develop the ASuperStudent concept we were looking for much more than just a technology provider. We needed a team that would understand our disruptive vision that students could be empowered through technology to achieve so much more. Q3 not only supported the vision, but treated the idea as their own and suggested clever ideas to make ASuperStudent that much more effective. We were grateful for their structured approach to problem solving and their receptive responses as the goal-posts kept shifting. We found reassurance in their consistent communication and their quick and professional responses to queries. ASuperStudent would never have become so successful without Q3. We consider Q3 a long-term partner and look forward to achieving so much more together.

Sandy Heymann