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Guide To Hire An Offshore Development Team

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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In this era of globalization, hiring employees from offshore or from different countries is a very known landscape. Many startups in the USA hire remote developers from countries like India. Startups are now aware of the fact that hiring offshore IT developers is more economic-friendly. It opens up new opportunities and windows to recruit offshore programmers and tap into a vast talent pool and experience.

So if you’re currently looking to hire an offshore software development team, you have landed in the right place. This blog will break through all the different aspects of how to hire dedicated developers from India. Whether you are a big or mid-sized business or a small startup, if you are still uncertain, read the full article below.

Why Hire An Offshore Development Team From India?

The current market scenario has changed from in-person work to a remote work environment. As more and more IT firms are blooming on every corner of the street, there has been a clear shortage of skilled and talented developers.

While it’s easy for big IT companies to hire talented developers, but for small startups, this can be a huge obstacle. Henceforth, SMEs prefer to hire offshore developers from a different city or even country where the cost of living is low. And for this, India is the best option. Each year 1 million engineering students graduate from various 3500 IT colleges and universities in India. There are a number of offshore software development companies in the southern part of Asia, primarily in India, from where you can easily hire talented people to work for your company. If you are still uncertain, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should also consider hiring the best developers from India.

1. Tapping Into a Vast Talent Pool

When looking for the best-talented developers in countries like the US, Canada, and the UK, even the big IT companies find it a very tough job. But when you go global, a vast pool of talent opens up in front of you. Today there are uncountable numbers of offshore software development companies from which you can hire the best employees.

2. Require Less Time For Hiring/h4>

Usually, the typical recruitment process is very lengthy. The HR department has to go through dozens of applications and rounds of interviews before they finalize one applicant. However, the recruitment process is much simpler and faster when it comes to hiring remote employees. This spares a lot of effort and time for startups.

3. Flexibility And Scalability

It’s always better for startups to maintain a lean working environment. This is where offshore developers come in. When hiring offshore developers, you are not bound by the long-term commitment that sometimes can be a huge problem for startups in their early stages. With offshoring, it becomes easy for your company to scale up or down the developer team as your startup grows. Thus, you can enjoy maximum flexibility.

4. Lesser Hiring Cost

Local employees require a huge amount of money. They also need job security and payroll hikes. For instance, a single US developer’s average yearly salary is around $107,510. Startups cannot afford that much money; therefore, it’s easy for them to hire talented offshore developers at a lower cost.

5. Diversity at Work

Not only for small startups, but hiring offshore developers is also beneficial for big companies as well. “Diversity in the work environment” is becoming an integrated concept. The more diversity you have in your company, the more people around the world will be willing to work for you. It helps to create a positive brand image and increases brand values.

6. Favourable Time Zones

Favourable time zones are another prominent benefit of remote developers from India. The approximate difference between US East Coast and India is 9.5 hours, and the difference between the West Coast and India is 12.5 hours. This works perfectly for round-the-clock development and post-development support. And if you play a little smartly, you can create a well-strategized time planning that can work in your favor. You no longer need to wait for feedback.

Steps to Hire an Offshore Development Team

Now that we have discussed why you should be hiring offshore developers, it’s time for us to give you a breakthrough into how you can hire loyal and dedicated offshore remote developers. There are many offshore IT companies in India. That’s why sometimes it’s hard for many companies to hire offshore developers from India for the first time. Here are a few steps on how to choose the best offshore IT company for you.

1. Determine Your Requirements

It’s very important to know your goals and your requirements. That’s why the first step in choosing the right offshore developers is to identify your own business goals and objectives. You need to be clear on your requirements for all your upcoming projects. A clear roadmap will save you a lot of trouble finding the right and suitable developer for your projects. What experience, qualifications, and work skills do you and your company require?

2. Creating a Job Description

The second step in finding the right developer is to create a detailed job description. Summarized all the necessary job duties and responsibilities the developer needed to do. Detailed job descriptions can attract only the best and most suited developers for your projects. It’s always better to stay honest and clear from your end. Mention all the responsibilities, the job position, compensations, and job benefits along with it.

3. Check and Review

Since there are so many IT developing companies in India from where you can select the most talented employees for your company, it is very important to check and review their skills and profiles beforehand. Even if it’s remote work, you only want to have loyal and dedicated employees on your team.

4. Test Your Developer’s Required Skills Thoroughly

It’s not easy to hire remote developers. One wrong decision can lead to all your project failures. That is why onboarding applicants who are not suitable for the job is a huge NO!

They can reduce work productivity and hamper employee morale. So what can you do in this case? You need to test the skills of your hired employees, even if they are remote employees. You can conduct an online coding test for them in order to evaluate their app developing skills.

5. Conduct Remote Online Interviews

The best way to know about your candidates is through online interviews. This enables you to check whether your candidates are appropriate for the job or not whether they have the right experience, skills, and professional backgrounds and whether they can work on a group project or not. A well-strategized interview process discloses a lot of information about your offshore employees.

6. Select the Right Developer

The last step is to select the most suitable offshore developer who can work accordingly, flexibly, timely, and can be loyal to your company and dedicated to your projects. You can only achieve your company objectives when all your employees are aligned with those objectives and goals as well.

What to Consider While Hiring Offshore Development Team from the US Remotely?

Before hiring any remote developers, there are a few things you need to consider. Your business objectives, goals, and your requirements. It’s better to make a checklist of what you require and what you don’t.

1. Company Value and Culture

Just as you need to align your business objectives and goals with your newly recruited remote employees, you must also make them aware of your company values and work culture. You can give them various tests to see if they can work well in your working circumstances.

2. Different Time Zones

Different time zones between India and the US are a huge problem for many companies when hiring remote offshore developers. Due to the time difference, sometimes it can be very difficult to appoint meetings with your employees and your clients. You must have proper strategic planning to deal with your remote employees.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Adaptation is the key to building scalability and flexibility within a company. Offshore developers can develop adaptable new innovative ideas for your company that can be beneficial in the long term.

4. Experience and Dedication

Experience is a valuable aspect of any employee. Developers with vast insight into different projects are considered valuable assets of any IT company. Although hiring amateur developers is less costly, you must give them proper training. Well-experienced and dedicated developers can give your company a competitive edge in the market and increase your productivity.

Build Your Offshore Development Team With Q3 Technologies

Building your offshore development team is a little easier now that you have a clear vision of hiring offshore developers. And if you are looking for the best IT company for hiring remote developers from India, then Q3 Technologies is your right choice. So tap into the Indian talent and build your development team with Q3 Technologies.

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