Our Core Expertise

Enterprise Applications

We combine our industry experience with our ability to provide end-to-end & scalable solutions to implement our customers business ambitions.


Product Development

Q3's approach to Product Development is to adopt digital technologies and engineering models to create innovative products faster. Q3 partners with clients to develop successful products and provide services solutions for Digital Engineering.



Undertake digital transformations, with Q3’s help - rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation. Go fast and go far!


Our Unique Approach

Project Management

To ensure complete transparency, effective communication and proper governance, We follows 2-in-a-box project management approach. This means that all projects are managed at the highest level, by not one, but two senior managers – a Technical Account Manager or TAM who is primarily responsible for all technical matters related to the project including the technical teams, communication etc. and a Commercial Account Manager or CAM who is responsible for all commercial matters including staffing levels, estimations and pricing. Between them, the TAM and CAM are responsible for all project management and governance issues of the project.

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  • Project Management

What’s New

Success Story - Enterprise App Store for a Leading Transport Services Provider in the US and UK

What more can boost your motivation & inspiration than the success of your customers, who believed in your capabilities and trusted you to address the pain areas of their most critical business processes. The success story of one of our global customers, who is one of the World's leading Transport Services providers in the US and UK.

Learn how Mobility can help you achieve Business Excellence and attain a Competitive Edge. Watch this video to explore more.


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