How is Salesforce Beneficial for Business?

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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Salesforce, arguably the most popular CRM platform today, the number of businesses using it have doubled in the last three years. Salesforce development services have quickly gone from a luxury to a necessity for businesses.

Any business, big or small, knows the value of customer data all too well. The only issue is that quite often data becomes siloed between closely related departments such as sales and marketing.

Salesforce CRM development services address this problem by providing a comprehensive CRM platform that besides having marketing automation and AI capabilities, provides a centralized platform where you can manage customer accounts, sales leads, customer support cases, and more.

Below, we shall go over how Salesforce can help your business grow to its full potential with the expertise of Q3 Technologies as a Salesforce development company.

Empower Your Business with Salesforce

1. Streamlining Operations for Success

Salesforce can streamline operations through the automation of various repetitive tasks and generating intuitive charts and analytical metrics. This frees up valuable time for employees to focus on other activities that bring value to the business.

Salesforce application development services provide an exhaustive view of the customer’s information and useful resources that can be used to plan actions. It has a view that encompasses all communication channels with the customer and also helps in resolving customer issues faster.

Using a reliable Salesforce development company like Q3 technologies can ensure prioritizing of work and smooth flow down the sales funnel a predictable and consistent occurrence.

2. Accessibility and Team Collaboration

Salesforce is a Cloud software, it’s accessible from anywhere you have internet access. As such any team member with internet access can remotely use the Salesforce CRM Development services through the secure Cloud regardless of the location.

As such, important files to stay updated on clients are readily available while at the same time being more secure than they would be in a file cabinet or a local server. This also allows better team collaboration as you can connect and communicate with team members in any physical location and work together using features like “Chatter”.

It helps you build a business with teams and departments that are more cohesive and operate in tandem so that deadlines are met and the business keeps growing.

3. Better Customer Satisfaction and Improved ROI

On any given day, a huge amount of customer data is gathered, and all of that has to be stored. Salesforce development services can help you avoid having to sort through all that data manually. This not only reduces man hours spent on administrative work, it lets you be more in touch with the relationship customers have with you.

More time to improve business and make connections directly results in creating more profits. Salesforce helps improve your relationship with your customers, build new customers, and earn more money in the long run.

Companies that avail the services of a Salesforce development company tend to have customers that are more satisfied with their interaction with the business as they feel it knows their needs. The CRM lets you make well-organized and consistent responses by having quicker access to their information, accounts, purchase history, and preferences.

4. Simple Account Planning and Reporting

Salesforce makes it simple to create plans for accounts and all the customer information you need readily accessible, and easy to extract.

The information is efficiently and accurately categorized into the correct accounts and databases making the analysis of the data simple and ensuring that plans for those accounts are optimized for the customer.

Salesforce product development services gather all this pertinent data organized and even keeps track of data from social media, website analytics, mobile apps, and more. Its reporting feature can help you make sense of this mountain of information by sorting, analyzing, and making it actionable.

Popular Salesforce Products

Salesforce Lightning Platform

A UI framework to develop dynamic web applications for mobiles and desktops without writing code.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

It provides a comprehensive lead and opportunity management feature and hosts all the information needed to gain insights into present and future sales.

Salesforce Service Cloud

A platform that helps you manage and resolve customer issues and inquiries, and deliver exceptional customer service. Salesforce solutions provide efficient case management across all channels and self-service portals.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This tool lets you create targeted marketing campaigns with personalized content and dynamic messaging based on collected data.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

An AI-powered tool that helps create targeted promotions for customers and integrates across many different communication platforms. Salesforce product development services combine inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service features.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

It lets you create personalized digital customer experiences, build custom portals and websites, and create tailored recommendations. AI-powered insights and self-service portals also help elevate user experience.

Salesforce Community Cloud

A good Salesforce software development company can help you foster collaboration, self-service support, and expert communities to strengthen relationships with partners, employees, and clients.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

A tool for data analysis, reporting, and visualization of large volumes of data. A custom Salesforce CRM development company can provide customizable reports and actionable insights about sales, customer behavior, and marketing to help you make solid data-backed decisions.

Salesforce Einstein

An AI-powered tool for performing advanced analytics, predictive analysis, and automation. Its components include Einstein Analytics, Einstein Discovery, Einstein Language, Einstein Vision, Einstein Bots, and Einstein Voice.

Salesforce Pardot

A tool to automate marketing tasks, it can perform lead tracking and analytics to measure the effectiveness of nurturing leads. Salesforce promotes the collaboration between marketing and sales teams and stimulate sales growth.

Salesforce MuleSoft

An integration platform that streamlines data flow and communication to create a highly connected experience for the customer. It provides numerous tools to help Salesforce solutions build automation and integrations for various enterprise needs.

Specialized Salesforce Development Services with Q3 Technologies

As a leading Salesforce development company, Q3 Technologies specializes in customizing the platform and tailoring it to your specific business. The company provides comprehensive Salesforce services spanning from CRM implementation to workflow automation.

Q3 Technologies brings specialized Salesforce solutions to different industries like real estate, healthcare, education, etc. These services include –


Helping your business make a smooth transition to the platform and aligning it to your specific business requirements.


Tailoring the platform to fit your unique needs by optimizing workflows, user experience, and data management according to how you want it.


Integrating Salesforce into existing systems and/or applications can help avail its benefits like seamless data flow, eliminating silos, and enhancing efficiency.

Data Migration

Migrating your data from legacy systems to the Salesforce cloud while ensuring data integrity and minimal disruption even with an offshore Salesforce development team.

Support and Maintenance

Providing support, maintenance, and troubleshooting any issues as soon as they are discovered.

App Development

Creating custom-built applications designed to address any unique needs your business might have.


Salesforce development services have become the center of attention in the sales world by empowering organizations to take unity in operations to new heights. The streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and collaborative features help businesses ease their workload and at the same time enhance customer experiences.

The CRM capabilities of the application aside, the confidence Salesforce product development services can instill in the end-user by simply maintaining a unified and consistent dialogue is a revolutionary way to achieve sustainable growth.

With the expertise of a skilled Salesforce development company like Q3 Technologies, you too can unlock the full potential of your business and optimize its functionalities to ensure success for your business even in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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