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Impeccable Advantages of Microsoft Cloud for Business Productivity in Financial Sectors

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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The pandemic increased the value of digital channels across the financial sectors and enhanced new customer expectations. The financial services are focusing more to accelerate digital agendas to serve clients and empower employees, while at the same time reducing cost and time in business. This puts a strong emphasis on cloud technologies, to which Microsoft introduced ‘Microsoft Cloud’.

Microsoft Cloud for financial services integrates cloud services across the depth of business offering. Cloud technology in financial services accelerates innovations with sustainability.

Microsoft Cloud shapes the entire future and aspects of financial services regarding data management, empowering employees, combating crime, maintaining security, and facilitating user experience and satisfaction.

Microsoft Cloud accelerates growth, development through customized customer communication and real-time financial insights. Cloud in financial sectors has been a huge transformation that has enhanced business operations by combating the loopholes.

Many have already incorporated this technology in business, and many are yet to integrate. If you are still thinking about how Microsoft Cloud can help your business, take a look at the benefits in a detailed manner.

Enhances Customer and Employee Experience

Microsoft Cloud has initiated digital and enhanced banking and financial services. It is designed to address the critical demands of retail banking. Along with enhanced customer experience, employee empowerment and engagement are also improved.

Additionally, financial services need cloud technology to adapt to the environment that is in demand among customers and good management and coordination between departments. Well equipped with customer insight, collaboration, and interaction, Microsoft Cloud helps a business in all aspects.

  • Microsoft Cloud accelerates the financial processes through a customized 360° view of the customers’ insight by analyzing behavioral and financial data.
  • Microsoft Cloud initiates the customer onboarding process smoothly and smartly. The online launchpad, self-service portal, and loan applications have streamlined the entire financial process for the financial sector. This has initiated customer loyalty and employee productivity.
  • Collaboration is important between the front office and back office of financial services. The Microsoft Cloud accelerates the loan process, minimizes chances of errors, and improves user experience.
  • Customer engagement with banks and financial services is important. With the help of cloud technology, customers can engage in personalized customer interaction. Customers can intelligently manage their financial journey across the business channels to reduce churn time.
  • Financial services are developing by generating revenue. With increased customer engagement, user experience, and employee empowerment comes more revenue and sales.

Combating Financial Crime

One of the biggest challenges in the financial sector is a crime. Enhancing security and combating crime is essential. Frauds and scams in financial services have been a huge challenge. With the rising numbers of digital financial services like net banking, online transfer, digital wallets, and digital financial apps it is important to use Microsoft Cloud to address fraud and fight it. Such security will not only safeguard the customers but also protect the organization’s reputation.

  • Microsoft Cloud identifies theft or scam at account login and creation process. This way the digital identity account layer is protected. Microsoft Cloud protects against bot attacks, fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access.
  • Microsoft Cloud offers purchase protection. Using adaptive Artificial intelligence, online frauds are detected and reduced.

Financial brands need to gain a competitive advantage in this fast-emerging financial environment. Financial sectors are experiencing a huge digital transformation with core modernization. Microsoft Cloud services for the fintech industry is one of the best innovative approaches and tools to grow. Get in touch with Q3 Technologies, to incorporate Microsoft Cloud in your business and ensure personalized banking and financial services to customers.

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  • – Enhances Customer and Employee Experience
  • – Combating Financial Crime
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