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Mobile App Development Process: Step by Step Guide

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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Bring your business online with robust and competitive mobile applications. Expand your business and unlock market reach with a user-friendly mobile app. Considering digital transformation, a majority of individuals use their smartphones. Therefore, business without a mobile application loses out on potential customers. A stellar app development process includes some important stages of app development. If you are contemplating how to develop apps, then here’s the step-by-step guide to help you with the same.

Planning of Mobile App Development

The initial stages of mobile app development are very crucial. The best mobile app development company would first understand the objectives and expectations out of the mobile app. The discussion is the basis of effective app development. It is important to consider aspects of business niche, features, competitors, and product before developing a mobile app for a business.

The app development agency will have clear insight into the client’s requirements regarding the development and design. Thereby, the best business solution is developed by the company. After which, the development process is initiated.

Wireframe and Mock-up (UI/ UX designing)

Mobile app designers create the simulation or framework version of the product that is designed and developed by the team during the process as a sample for the final product. Wireframes are conceptual digital layouts that offer visual structure to the mobile app’s functional requirements.

Front-end designing includes UI and UX designing. Here, the focus is directed to aesthetic and customer user experience. The purpose of leading UI UX design services is to offer a seamless and attractive application for a better end-user experience. The app’s design strategy includes font, colors, pattern, logo for a consistent brand look. Before the design of a mobile application is finalized, mock-ups help app developers to do further modifications regarding aesthetics, architecture, and workflow.

Back-end Development and Server Technology

The back-end and server’s end are designed and developed in this stage by the leading mobile app development company. In this stage, content writing, assembly, payment gateway, API integration, and coding are done.

Business needs to hire the best company to focus on HTML modules, database, and product data.

This stage includes database and server-end features that support the functioning of the app development. Mobile functionality development will depend upon the type of business and features that you need. The API integration is done by the app development agency where the technique of communication is established among the app and the back-end server or database.

Testing of Mobile App Development

After app development, the mobile app is tested. All the features, functions, and elements are tested automatically and manually. Testing is done to ensure that the mobile app is usable, safe, and stable. The perks of hiring the best mobile app development company ensure testing of user experience, security, functionality, device, performance, and platform of the app. Without testing, mobile applications will not be deployed. All the factors and elements of the app development will be tested to ensure all the errors are reported and modified.

Deployment and Launch of Mobile App Development

After the app development is reviewed, the mobile app is released. The mobile app needs to be released and submitted to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The review checks and quality of the mobile app need to adhere to the development guidelines. When you develop your business app with the vital stages of app development you can always get additional support and functionalities after launching a mobile app.

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Table of content
  • – Planning of Mobile App Development
  • – Wireframe and Mock-up (UI/ UX designing)
  • – Back-end Development and Server Technology
  • – Testing of Mobile App Development
  • – Deployment and Launch of Mobile App Development
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