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Must-have Features of a Facilities Management Software Development

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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Facility management software enables a company to operate its facility area and functionings by designing, executing, and supervising all activities within the space. It makes it easier for users to manage tasks like upkeep, repair, communication, and scheduling from a web-based panel, ensuring the effectiveness, control, and security of the building, assets, and people. Because of this, facility management software can accommodate companies in streamlining effectiveness and saving a substantial amount of time, funds, and hard labour. Although it offers a variety of functionalities, it resembles a warehouse management system (WMS) in some ways. Statistics highlight how crucial facilities management is –

  • High employee engagement organizations experience 59% lower turnover, 17% higher productivity, and 41% lower absenteeism.
  • Every year, U.S. employees at work lose 160 million days looking for desks, offices, and coworkers. That represents a national loss of USD 27.5 billion annually.
  • Despite the fact that the average capital project runs 80% over budget and 20 months behind schedule, implementing capital project management technology can reduce project costs by up to 45%.
  • Existing buildings that are currently inefficient can save 30–50% with a smart building that has integrated systems.

Key Features to Look for in Facility Management Software

A company can manage a variety of important aspects of its operations with the help of custom facility management software, including asset management, work order management, vendor management, site maintenance, scheduling, compliance, control, and more. It can be very profitable in the long run to invest in the right software development partner for your company’s end-to-end facility management. Because it can reduce day-to-day operational costs by optimizing space usage, analyzing spending trends, and improving overall efficiency, thus boosting productivity & growth curve.

Businesses involved in commercial or residential facilities need to improve operations and the maintenance process with the help of facilities management software developed by a custom software development company. The facilities management software solution helps in managing the operations and business process to reduce time and cost. If you are planning to develop the facilities management software that will transform your business, here are some of the most effective features that you need to integrate your software with.

Asset Management

Asset management is one of the most important key elements for any kind of business whether it is a physical asset or a digital one. Businesses can save a lot of time if they were able to get all the key information about assets in just a simple click. With the help of asset management software as a part of facilities management software solution, the organization will be able to manage the required asset in an organized manner. In facility software management, asset management is an integral feature. It helps in tagging all the assets with a unique passcode.

It becomes very easy to track assets located in the facilities with the combination of Building Information Modeling (BIM). It contains all the necessary details and information and imagery that is very easy to access. It helps in monitoring and providing information relating to the asset performance in a real-time scenario. All the data sets will be centralized in a single location which makes it much more organized and manageable. Every asset is linked with the model, serial number, files, and manual along with an uploaded picture of the equipment with a link on your property so that the team members know how it looks like and where to find the particular asset. The best asset management software will always have advanced features and functionality such as warranty tracking, barcoding, and tracking meter readings.

Work Order Management

Gone are the days when businesses would scribble down all the work orders and a work schedule on a piece of paper. It becomes difficult to maintain the work order on a piece of paper or get it maintained through a binder. With the help of the right facilities management system software, it is easier to get a work order management facility. The work order management feature involved in facility management software helps the business in reducing the time-consuming process involved in handling the request of the work order. The users can create their work order which can be synced across all tablets, computers, and smartphones.

It offers the facility to track in real-time so that there is no doubt regarding the status of the work schedule and work order. Such a kind of effectiveness and efficiency in the management of work orders can help the business deal with the right kind of facility management nowadays. Work order management is a must-have feature for every business irrespective of type and size. It is one of the features involved in facility management software where from a very simple work order tool a request can be made and then it is approved and assigned to the right individual. This makes the work order very advanced where individuals can customize the work order by setting priorities, personalizing the workflow, assignment of vendor and management of material, and tracking of cost.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most important features available in the facility management software development process. It is a very effective and cost-saving software included in the facility solution which helps in managing the supply inventory process. Inventory management is a real-time software tool that gives you the perfect visibility to have all the details of cost and how often you need to use a specific purpose in the inventory. With real-time insight, it helps in making the right decision regarding purchase so that the business is always having sufficient stock for maintenance. In inventory management, you will find a lot of advanced features like email notification that alerts you and set reminders whenever there is no quantity in the inventory that you need to fill up again. The entire software is integrated with the work order system so that the experts get alert about the particular stock.

Vendor Management

Vendor management is important for businesses. In facility management solutions, vendor management is an automated feature that helps in managing the entire vendor movement and maintenance. In an automated manner, the business essentials can be assigned to a particular vendor in real-time and tracked along with the accurate cost tracking per work order. It will help you in saving a lot of time. The vendor management system offers every real-time information regarding data, vendor tracking, work history, and invoices that can streamline the workflow involved in vendor management.

Mobile Applications

Facility management software should always have mobile applications which is a necessary tool for managing daily business operations. It helps in integrating with a work order management system that enables the technicians to track the work order and log the timing and the cost material that is being used. The mobile application also helps the workers to perform their scheduled maintenance tasks and get all the information like warranty and manual.


When it comes the time to create the budget, forecast, or any kind of report it is very important to gather enough data and information. With the help of reporting management feature in facility management software, you can get real-time insight into all your maintenance expenses and operations. It is an important feature in facilities management system software.

Facility Document Storage

Document storage is an important facility that is counted under the facility management software. If you find that your workspaces are overloaded with files and documents, it is very important to get a facility for document storage. The benefit of having a facility document storage is that you can go digital and have access to all your files anytime anywhere. You simply don’t need to store all your files physically and keep your workspace in a messy condition with a lot of files and cabinets stuffed with papers and documents. Every file and information will be stored in digital files which can be accessed with credentials and secure login.

For the best facilities management software system, get in touch with Q3 Technologies today. It is one of the leading custom software development companies reputed for quality software development services.

Key Benefits of Facility Management Software for Your Business?

Technology exists to support us. It is intended to eliminate the menial tasks and assist us in streamlining our daily operations. This is particularly true when thinking about facility management software. Given all the moving parts and potential problems, it makes sense to think about digitizing your workflows. The following are some advantages of facility management software:

1. Visibility

Top executives and C-level management must prioritize using facility management software because it will help them get a comprehensive picture of their entire facility and operations. This manifests as simple-to-read analytical dashboards that provide quick snapshots of the facility’s overall health and the most urgent situations.

2. Safety & Efficiency

The proper upkeep of the commercial building can be accomplished with facility management software. It enhances employee operational workflows, lowers costs for the business, and increases profit margins. Additionally, it ensures that the building is maintained safely, preventing the possibility of rising liability and safety insurance costs. These factors make facility management software the ideal solution for your business to regain operational transparency and effectiveness.

3. Savings Potential

Cost transparency and reliable cost registration and allocation are the first steps in the process. To minimize manual data entry and guarantee consistency, facility management software is frequently linked to financial systems. Dashboards for facility management software can present costs in terms of costs per workplace monthly, costs per consumer, or any other relevant outlines. These reports give you the ability to locate areas for savings based on trends, outliers, and internal or external benchmarking.

4. Productivity

With the aid of particular tools and features that an entire company can use, a good facility management software makes achieving maximum productivity a simple goal. In the end, this indicates that the program offers applicability at all levels of an organization’s leadership structure. Even entry-level employees can integrate with the system and use it regularly to streamline the collaborative and logistical aspects of their work, allowing them to spend more time doing their jobs and less time handling administrative minutiae.

5. Profiles of Employees

Keeping track of individual employees both broadly and specifically becomes more difficult as an organization expands. Anyone with access to facility Management software can do both, thanks to the employee profiles within the program. Once the initial onboarding into the system is finished, you’ll be able to see what workstation an employee is currently occupying or where they are in the office. You’ll be able to onboard your new employees more quickly, which HR will undoubtedly appreciate. This can be useful for situations where one team member is trying to locate another in a large office space, as well as for giving you a better idea of where an employee performs his or her best work.

Why is Developing Your Facility Management Software with Q3 Technologies A Good Idea?

The development of your facility management software with Q3 Technologies is crucial for workplace productivity because it is a simple and effective way to manage and track all the crucial information pertaining to how the business is operated and maintained. Without Q3 Technologies’ services and guidance, the company may encounter more maintenance-related downtime, lower employee morale, and decreased productivity. All of these could lead to revenue loss and increased maintenance costs because operations and systems weren’t being monitored and managed.

Strong workflows that capture and share data in real-time are the foundation of effective facility management. From there, you need trustworthy tools for data analysis so that you can see your operations more clearly. Q3 Technologies assists you at every stage by automating procedures and maintaining the security and searchability of your data. We have created 3-4 of these types of programs for well-known companies. Let us guide you as you transform your workplace into the digital age.

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