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6 Business Transforming Key Features of Fleet Management Software Development

  Updated 01 Nov 2023

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Fleet management software is increasingly becoming popular for businesses that engage in commercial vehicle and fleet services and purposes. Businesses that are related to transport are completely leveraging fleet management software to optimize operations, real-time tracking, vehicle maintenance, supply chain, and logistics. For freight and transportation companies, Custom Fleet Management Software development is very important.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Any business dealing with commercial vehicles needs to have the right fleet management and engage in the best fleet operations. A fleet management system is a software that manages the performance and maintenance of fleet vehicles to increase business productivity and manage operations. Fleet management software helps fleet managers to monitor vehicles, equipment, and drivers with the help of a single web and mobile application that is very user-friendly. With the help of fleet management software, the businesses can manage driver management, full cast, fuel consumption, driver safety, route planning, vehicle maintenance and management along with asset utilization. When all of these are regulated and maintained with the help of fleet management software there is an increase in productivity and revenue.

The Market Size of Fleet Management Software

According to the market trend, the present fleet management market size is about to grow up to $34,629 mn by 2022. The growth rate of fleet management software is CAGR 24.5% from 2016 to 2022. On taking a very close look at the market from different verticals and sources, the picture of growth for fleet management solutions is very evident. The growth will be lucrative and profitable for any kind of business that manages to develop a competitive and user-friendly fleet management software. Since a lot of business is leveraging fleet management software for daily operations and logistics, it has become an essential part of business making it a success.

Key Features of Fleet Management Software

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

For several businesses, real-time tracking is very important to make sure that few disastrous happening and outcomes can be prevented and managed at the right time. With real-time fleet tracking, businesses can take the right precautionary measures and settle down the effect of any kind of disaster. When precautions are taken in real-time without any loss of time, the effect of damage is very low. Real-time fleet tracking offers all kinds of details and information about the speed of the vehicle, the vehicle, traffic route, engine temperature, fuel level, and the direction in which the vehicle is moving. Getting all of this information actually helps the business to manage.

Mobile App Based GPS Vehicle Tracking

The Internet has always helped everyone to travel from one place to another with the help of GPS navigation available on various mobile applications. GPS fleet tracking software has become very easy to commute from one place to another by getting the right directions right on the mobile application. The applications and the various vehicles are preferred from one individual to another. Some would go for four-wheelers and the other half can rely on a 2 wheeler vehicle. Mobile-based GPS applications help the customers to get accurate and quick information regarding the direction. It helps the customers to locate the vehicle whether it has reached the destination and the driver gets to know about the location directly. The mobile app-based GPS vehicle tracking facility offered by fleet management software helps in getting the direction as well as managing the vehicle destination.

OBD Based Vehicle Tracking

OBD tracker Involved in fleet management software helps in tracking the vehicle and getting all the relevant information. When the tracker is plugged into the vehicle, all the relevant information of the vehicle can be tracked down. It might be used by the mechanics to get the exact diagnosis problem that is happening in the vehicle. Therefore, regarding the vehicle, any kind of information that you want to locate can be achieved with this vehicle tracker.

Vehicle Management and Maintenance

Vehicle fleet management software is completely done with the help of a team that controls the fleet management software. The fleet management software gets all the data and information with the help of the tracker in real-time that sends the report to the software from where all the information is gained back. It is important to get the maintenance of vehicles done with the help of fleet management software. The vehicle management feature is one of the most important ones in the fleet management software which is leveraged by the business.

Fuel Consumption Control

Fuel consumption control is one of the most important fleet management software features in fleet management software. This software helps in tracking down the level of fuel consumption in the vehicle. This data helps in understanding the engine of the vehicle and how well it is performing or not. If the consumption of fuel is very high, it means that the vehicle is having some sort of problem. Vehicles always consume high fuel only when there is something wrong and it needs to be maintained and needs attention.

Driver Management and Safety

Driver management and safety are some of the most priority features that businesses can get from fleet management software. This driver management and safety software help in tracking down the driver throughout the journey. It types in gaining understanding and information by analyzing the posture of the driver and behavior. If the posture and behavior do not seem to be good, the information is sent directly to the team that is managing the driver management. The software also alerts the team if the driver is driving rush and at a very high speed.

Cost of Fleet Management Software

The fleet management system development will cost something between $20,000-$25,000. It takes around more than two years of a continuous process of development to build a complete fleet management software with minimum bugs and maximum features. The cost however depends upon the location, the complexity of the software, features added to it, and that whole team size that is working towards getting the right software that does not have bugs.

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