The Complete Guide On Bike Rental App Development

The era of taxi sharing and cab rental applications have taken a standstill situation, with the advent of rental bike apps. Bikes are always very convenient and easy to use with affordability. The emergence of bike rental mobile applications is catching a lot of attention, especially among young entrepreneurs. Around the major metropolitan cities, many businesses are trying to develop a bike rental mobile application to ease up communication and make it more affordable and convenient for travelers. The cost of developing a bike rental mobile application completely depends upon the complexity of the application and the features involved in the development. Hire a mobile app development company, to build a user-friendly and competitive mobile application for bike rental:

What is a Bike Rental Mobile Application?

Bike rental mobile applications work similarly to a cab booking application. The user needs to download the suitable application on the Play Store or the App Store to install it from there. Once the application has been installed, users need to create their individual accounts by registering with their contact personal information. By giving their current location, they are able to check whether bikes are available in proximity and select according to their choice.

All the information regarding the bike driver and the bike number will be sent right to the contact number of the traveler. It is one of the easiest ways to commute long distances as well as short ones effectively. This is why the product development company is getting a lot of opportunities to develop bike rental applications for mobile.

Market Analysis of Rental Bike Mobile Applications

The trends in mobile rental bike applications are increasing rapidly. According to the report by the Global Motorcycle Rental Market, the industry is expected to have a CAGR of 7.74 percent from 2018 to 2023. The rise in unprecedented tourism and easy commuting needs have shown the numbers rising for bike rental applications.

Cost of Bike Rental Mobile Application

The cost of developing a bike rental mobile application with the help of the best mobile app development company will completely depend upon the complexity and features of the mobile application. However, it can precisely range something between $10K to $25K. The cost of development will depend upon additional advanced features. Also, the cost of the rental application will depend on the platform that you choose. The development of iOS bike rental applications will be much more expensive in comparison to the Android platform. If you decide to develop your bike rental application on an Android application, the cost will be much more affordable.

On the other hand, there are several business owners that wish to develop bike rental applications on both iOS and Android platforms to get maximum potential customers. In such a case, the cost will always be higher. The next factor on which the bike rental application cost will depend is development resources and technologies along with additional features.

Benefits of Bike Rental Mobile Applications

Young entrepreneurs are actually finding bike rental mobile application business to be a lucrative one. Investing in top bike & scooter rental app are helping the business is to generate maximum income and revenue by making communication easy for users. The bike rental mobile application is a positive business approach because it benefits both the bike owners and users which offers huge revenue for the business. Below are the conveniences possible due to a bike rental application –

  • The rented bikes often take the best route to the destination which saves a lot of time.
  • Round the clock availability of bike rental services help individuals with easy and safe commutation.
  • Bike owners can actually utilize their bikes with full capacity and generate monthly income.
  • The bike owners can offer discounted and promotional prices to attract customers.
  • This is one of the most economical options for daily communication to work and casual purpose.
  • You can quickly change the destination from your own mobile application that you use to book your rental bikes.
  • There are various promo codes and discount offers that reduce the booking amount.
  • The user’s current location can be detected automatically which helps the vehicle to reach the destination timely.
  • Users can get easy refunds whenever there is a problem regarding the booking or the driver.
Key Features of Rental Bike MobileKey Features of Rental Bike Mobile Applications

Key Features of Rental Bike App

  • Tracing and navigation : The applications have GPS enabled map which helps the users to track the bike and travel with ease and safety. The location can be automatically detected which reduces the difficulty of individuals trying to trace the address of the location.
  • Online banking : It is easy to make online payments through various digital wallets, credit cards, and mobile banking. It is easy to instantly make a payment and go cashless.
  • Referrals : The users easily refer and invite their friends to get discounts in a way, the business improves.
  • Simple user interface : Bike rental mobile applications help the users make an easy booking through the mobile application within a few seconds. The application is very easy to use for booking rented bikes.
  • Live chat & call support : Customers can always get support round the clock. It is available 24*7, with options to chat, e-mail, and call.
  • On-time bike repair management : Free monthly service and maintenance is provided as the inclusive part of mobile app development process.
  • Customized booking : Bike rental is very affordable. Since there are options to compare prices, users can always choose the bike according to the budget. Users can browse and select the bike type they wish to rent.
  • Push notifications : This feature helps the admin and the app owners in informing the users regarding any new product launch.

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