Answering customer queries with top-notch accuracy and speed is something all e-Commerce companies strive for. Q3 Technologies can aid you in implementing Chatbots that boost your buyers’ experience.

Chatbots are the programs which imitate human interaction with us through text or voice input. We can have a conversation with these Chatbots in messaging apps, to get some updates or even to get something done, much like we do with any other contact in the phonebook. So, it starts with a basic level conversation, which can sooner or later turn into a friendly, assistive chat as well.

The recent deluge of interest in Chatbots by the world’s biggest technology inventors has induced the adoption of Chatbots for e-commerce companies.


Many online retailers and business owners are compelled to outsource their customer support to a call center as they are unable to manage multiple customer conversations at a time. But won’t it be more prolific and cost-effective if the fundamental customer support conversation is managed by their Bot? Talking about smaller online businesses in specific, these are generally driven by a few people, who are thankful for automation which is helping them manage their customer support department properly. Several conversations with their customers can be managed simultaneously by Chatbots e-commerce applications.

Chatbot implementation for companies in e-commerce industry will eliminate the personalization gap that customers have to face in online shopping.  Reports show that consumers today want the websites they visit to treat them like an old friend. Online Commerce Chatbots will replace a human assistant and acknowledge the shopper’s purpose. They can even customize the recommendations that the shopper gets to see.

In conclusion, the e-commerce industry has just begun to realize the role of Chatbots in sales improvement. Gradually, more names are joining this list and as a result, we can expect these bots to grow even smarter – and Q3 can develop them.