With cutting-edge Chatbot technology, Q3 Technologies aims to revolutionise the medical sector by improving the way healthcare companies interact with patients. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing Chatbots for various other sectors including BFSI, Real Estate, and many more.

Although the invention of Chatbots dates back to the twentieth century, they gained recognition and popularity almost a decade ago. Since then, Chatbots are gradually being adopted by various industries. The healthcare industry is one such example, and it is still in the early phases of developing the Chatbots Healthcare Applications. According to a market survey, the coming years will see a tremendous increase in the Chatbot market.

Chatbot applications for patients and clinicians have become a good area for Healthcare has become a booming market for companies making. New start-ups and established companies, believe that Chatbots are the new generation of Healthcare assistants. Chatbots for Healthcare companies can provide the primary aid to the patients until the doctors and experts reach and handle the case.

Chatbots for Healthcare

Few companies are using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to provide personalized wellness information to the patients. The same implementation will also recommend the relevant products and services to customers.

Another healthcare company claims that its online medical assistant is capable of recommending diagnosis based on patient symptoms through a smartphone. This platform makes use of the algorithms training on huge volumes of clinical data, such as medical standards and chronic disease information. This way it can translate patient symptoms and prescribe an appropriate diagnosis.

Similarly, Chatbots Companies in Healthcare industry like Q3 are introducing versatile Chatbots or virtual assistants that can mediate between a remote patient and the healthcare services efficiently. They will not only help the patients in cases of emergency and harmful risks but also reduce the pressure on doctors to diagnose every single patient having the slightest of illnesses.