Q3 Technologies is one of the top companies in the Chatbot sector today. We help real estate companies boost their customer interaction and satisfaction through effective implementation of Chatbot applications that are considerably faster and more accurate than their human counterparts!

Chatbots are climbing the charts of the business world now. Their arrival is giving a new dimension to customer support, management, and engagement. New ways of doing business are opening up in the field of real estate now, in the form of Chatbots Real Estate Applications.

In terms of marketing for a real estate company, the function of a Chatbot is to involve your website visitors with a few questions and related dialogue through a live chat plugin. The job assigned to it is basically to pre-qualify website visitors & transform them into potential leads. Then hand them off to a human assistant to help them.

Chatbots for Real Estate companies is a very successful idea as this new generation of customers expects seamless and spontaneous customer experience from the brands they engage with. They encourage near real-time response to their queries and thus, expect more personalized recommendations/suggestions from the company. To satisfy these customer demands and to address the increasing competition in the business space, Chatbots Companies in Real Estate industry like Q3 are turning their focus to build Chatbots that know how to manage customer queries unceasingly without any delay. In fact, Chatbots are smart enough to engage their customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right information in a cost-effective manner.

At the end of the conversation, the Chatbots can provide the customer with the information about the assigned realtor of the chosen property as well as take a request to schedule an appointment. This is an excellent marketing aid as it will help the agency to keep track of every single interested customer. It will also note the customer selected date and time, and notify the real estate sales agent about the same.