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IoT is marking our day-to-day objects with machine-readable identification tags. Sensors may be coupled with these tags to assimilate information about the conditions the everyday objects and those present around them. The same applies to various companies where advanced computing will be leveraged to keep track of the stock available and resources and maintain them to optimum levels, thus saving a lot of time and money. This, along with large amounts of data to analyze and inference upon, keeping a track of multiple devices through a single source, considerable amounts of time savings and the significant amount of money saved definitely makes IoT a game-changer. Q3 has profound expertise in developing IoT based solutions for our customers.

Our key business offerings are

  • Integration with open source IoT platforms
  • Sensors configuration over different IoT platforms
  • Dashboarding, alert notifications & analytics
  • Digital twins
  • Integrations using Mule ESB, MS BizTalk
  • Fleet and inventory management applications

*A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system across its lifecycle, using real-time data to enable understanding, learning and reasoning.

As an IoT app development company, Q3 explores the potential IoT technology has and use it for building bespoke applications that can create intelligent bonds between humans and machines. We understand the importance of maintaining high levels of speed, security and scalability – features we always incorporate in our offerings.

IoT App Development Company

Q3 Technologies has earned its credentials as a leading IoT development company. Our team of expert IoT engineers enable businesses to familiarize themselves with IoT and successfully integrate this technology within new and existing business models. We aim to connect the digital and the real worlds and help businesses thrive with IoT-driven smart solutions.

Our industry-leading custom IoT app solutions and services help improve business processes, boost profitability and drive business growth. Our team is equipped to mitigate various levels of complexity within IoT projects. Q3Tech thrives on a combination of industry knowledge, decades of combined experience and technical expertise. We use this to deliver highly functional and innovative IoT solutions.

For a complete suite of IoT app development services, get in touch with the experts at Q3Tech today. We are competent and skilled in deploying web and mobile apps with ease and simplicity. We also ensure an interactive user experience that helps drive engagement and brand loyalty.

Why Choose Q3Tech as Your IoT Software Development Company?

In the past twenty years since our inception in Boston, Q3 has evolved into a leading tech service provider, developing solutions for the most reputed and largest conglomerates across the world. Our excellence is a blend of technical skills, industry expertise and a focus on solutions with app and process framework outsourcing capabilities.

Q3’s unique approach to solution development helps align your processes with your business interests, ensuring higher flexibility in engagement and delivery, providing continuous support for clients and innovating through our innovation labs and competence centers.

Our integrated development facilities network spread across India is aided by our offsite, onsite and near-shore capabilities across international markets. This allows us to deliver superior quality and service while optimizing costs and expenses.

Innovative IoT Development Services to Solve Real World Problems:

We live in an increasingly connected world. The rise of IoT technology has resulted in innovative ways to connect machines, humans and computers like never before. Smart sensors and RFID tags are being deployed to gather data about existing systems, devices, data, workforces and individuals. The same is being applied by large companies that are leveraging advanced computing to track available resources and stock to ensure optimized levels are maintained. This helps in saving both costs incurred and time taken.

These smart IoT solutions work on large volumes of data for analysis and inferencing, using a unified source to track multiple devices and saving significant time and money in the process. Q3 leverages decades of experience in the industry along with its IoT expertise to deliver IoT-based solutions that will drive growth for your business.

What IoT Solution are You Looking For?

Industrial IoT

IIoT aims to connect the products, people and processes within an enterprise, thus enabling smart industrial operations that use advanced analytics to drive profitable business results. This involves the use of real-time analytics and smart machines to enhance industrial and manufacturing processes to ensure quicker and more accurate business decisions.

Consumer IoT

CIoT refers to real-world IoT applications in the end-consumer or B2C context. It includes solutions that are created for the larger consumer market, such as smart home appliances, wearables and smart devices, among others. Consumer IoT solutions can give your company deeper insights into how your products are perceived and used to provide actionable steps for a better consumer experience.

Healthcare IoT

IoT in the healthcare industry includes activating and innovating multiple ways to effectively manage the health of a hospital’s patients. It includes automating care workflows, monitoring present conditions remotely and collecting crucial data in one place. All this enables doctors to treat diseases and perform procedures that couldn’t happen before.


IoT application development defines the systems and processes through which devices share data with each other without human intervention. It’s also known as M2M (machine-to-machine) app development and includes applications like enterprise security systems, smart houses and logistical and accounting systems.

Some of the leading IoT platforms today are:

  • Google Cloud IoT
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud
  • IBM Watson IoT
  • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
  • IRI Voracity
  • AWS IoT Core
  • Particle
  • ThingWorx

The cost of developing your IoT application will depend on your industry, app complexity and other factors. The average cost of IoT app development falls anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000.

If you are starting a new IoT project, first determine your overall objectives and plan. Fundamental starting steps include deciding which hardware you will use and choosing the best networking technology available. Contact our experts for a guided experience to develop your IoT project.

Q3 provides strong post-launch support and maintenance services and plans. We aim to deliver a robust solution and a superior experience that helps you achieve your business goals. Contact our experts today to know more.

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