Our Machine Learning Development Services

We use our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consultancy services to help you deliver personalised user experiences, implement new-age solutions to transform how users engage with your business and automate internal business processes.

Q3 helps organise large volumes of raw data, derive actionable insights and create predictive systems that can drive business growth.

Machine Learning helps your business tackle multi-variety and multi-dimensional data within a dynamic business environment. ML helps in reducing time cycles and efficiently utilising resources. If you wish to give clients and customers consistent superior quality within complex environments, Q3 helps you with Machine Learning development that leads to significant time and cost benefits for your business.

Our approach to Providing Innovative Machine Learning Solutions

Q3 helps you get the most out of every Machine Learning deployment. We communicate in your terms, understand your business needs and employ flexible engagement models to create projects tailored to your unique requirements.

Fixed Price Model

Small and medium businesses and software development projects benefit from this model. Customers can pay a single sum that covers every milestone deliverable through the project.

Time and Material Model

This is ideal if your project has flexible and changing requirements. Clients are charged according to the efforts the team puts in every month.

Milestone-based Model

The milestone or SLA model is perfect when you need ML developers for process-oriented and iterative projects that have clear external and internal milestones.

Our Unique Machine Learning Development Services to Achieve Your Business Goals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Running customer and business data through machine learning algorithms can help businesses in accurately predicting market trends, product popularity, purchasing habits of customers etc. This helps retailers to make more informed decisions through this data.

A machine learning model or ML model refers to any file or program built to recognise specific pattern and behaviour types. Such models are trained using multiple specific data sets, giving them an algorithm that can be used for reasoning over and learning from this data.

We provide ML development services across a range of businesses and applications. For help on an existing project/ solution or one that is being developed, we use the existing documentation and project requirements to evaluate the hours required and scope of work. We then provide suitable models for engagement.

Machine Learning or ML is a domain under AI (Artificial Intelligence) within computer science. It focuses on using algorithms and data to imitate how humans learn. Over time, its accuracy improves and mimics human behaviour closely.

Machine Learning as a service can be described as an overarching term. It refers to a collection of several cloud platforms using ML tools that provide services to help Machine Learning teams with solutions like use case analyses, out-of-the-box analytical skills, model tuning and training, data pre-processing etc.