Custom Automotive Software Development Company

The automotive software development company has grown exponentially. The capability of adjusting to the latest market trends and profound business experience makes Q3 Technologies among the top requested partners in the automotive industry worldwide. The connected vehicle fleet management system of the company is based on digital solutions and up-to-the-minute data, optimizing energy capabilities, security, and safety of vehicles. The developers of the company deliver automotive customers an unmatched quality of software development, a complex product portfolio, and integration expertise.

Our Automotive Software Development Services

Vehicle Design Software

Vehicle Design Software used by Q3 Technologies includes Sketchbook Designer, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD Revit LT Suite, Blender, and 3DS MAX. At the worldwide level, the automotive industry using CAD software has forecasted immense growth. Complex designs are easy to perform on the computer as it eliminates the problems that occur during management and detail.

Vehicle Navigation Software

Q3 Technologies’ navigation-based software solutions are broadly used in cars and other vehicles lately. This kind of embedded automotive software development is linked to a device of satellite navigation that locates the current position of the vehicle that concerns your explored destination. Automotive navigation is developed on the problem of the shortest path within diagram philosophy.

Dealership Management Software

We specialize in dealership management software system which effectively manages the management mechanisms, inventory, components, sales, and finance for running the dealership successfully. As this software is automated, there is no need for the dealers to remember the dates. Automation in handling sales, customer relations, and promotions is also provided by this software.

Automobile ERP Software

Q3 Technologies’ Navision-based ERP system is used by us for managing some functions which increase productivity, simplify transactions, and require less time consumption. The autonomous car software development process leads to cost-efficient and effective transactions with subsidiary companies and affiliates. The application helps in proactive and fast services to customers in the fulfillment of sales orders.

Fleet Management Software

The fleet management technology of Q3 Technologies helps the clients in managing the trips efficiently based on the location of drivers and monitors the failures of devices fast for avoiding any further damage. This solution helps in managing fuel expenditure, eliminates human errors and speed up the process, increases profits and decreases the costs, improves maintenance schedule and effective planning and monitoring of trips.

Auto-parts Inventory Management

The inventory management of Q3 Technologies consists of tracking inventory for commercial purposes. Businesses use it for keeping track of the warehouse stock, reducing the complexity of shortage with reordering. With autonomous car software development, it has now become easy to access proper stock counts on every single part at just a click of a button.

Technologies We Use in Developing Custom Automotive Software

Internet Of Things(IoT)

The automobile industry has gained a lot of advantages from IoT. Q3 Technologies have enabled the automotive sector to make a huge growth, including self-driving cars, accident prevention, and car insurance. IoT analysis provides people with weather forecasts which help them to be prepared for the road.

Big Data

Q3 Technologies uses big data for everything from optimizing the process of manufacturing to improvement in customer satisfaction. Big data is used in production and design, predictive analysis, automobile financing, connected cars, and supply chain management. Big data is helping us in catching successful information via various sources and guiding these indexes for explicit business settings for increasing the revenue and further developing the experience of the clients.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP app assists with customer relationship management, manufacturing, finance, analytics, supply chain, and electronic commerce for medium and small companies. The proprietary programming language AL/C is used by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Machine Vision

Our machine vision assists automakers to fulfill the need for robust, reliable, and safer automobiles by giving them a method of automated internal machine inspection. This technology is referred to as the eye in the process of automotive software development as it uses X-ray imaging, 3D- imaging of surfaces, line scan imaging, hyper-spectral imaging, and conventional and infrared imaging.

Why Choose Q3 Technologies for Automotive Software Development?

Custom Automotive software development companies like Q3 Technologies lay the foundation stone for the automotive industry’s future. The efficient team of Q3 Technologies realizes the vast potential of advanced technologies like IoT in the automotive sector and moving ahead an extra mile to implement it. A team of developers of Q3 Technologies has enabled the automotive sector to make huge growth, including self-driving cars, accident prevention, and car insurance. Q3 Technologies works with top manufacturing organizations to develop an ERP system based on Navision for managing functions such as statutory requirements, country-specific reporting, warehouse management, stock keeping, inter-company transactions, purchase, sales, and finance.

Other Industries We Serve

Q3 Technologies has enabled the automotive industry to make a huge growth. Apart from serving the automotive industry, Q3 Technologies offer services to other sectors, including:

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