Education Software Development Company

Our reputation as a top educational software development company is the result of successfully integrating state-of-the-art technology with best educational practices that results in a wholesome learning and teaching experience. We possess the resources, tools, technology and most importantly knowledgeable professionals to develop customized solutions for engaging, innovative and entertaining digital learning experiences. We leverage cloud, analytics and IoT technologies to empower new-age learners, enterprises, educational institutes, and instructors operating in a highly competitive environment to stay ahead of the race by making the entire learning process interactive and accessible.

Our Custom Education Software Development Services

We offer end-to-end design and development of highly innovative and engaging educational platforms, e-learning mobile apps, VR/AR-enabled education solutions, School Management System, Course management system, and virtual classrooms to name a few to help you manage the entire learning process in a highly efficient and effective way.

Course Management System (CMS)

Our customized Course management system (CMS) offers a seamless online environment for efficient and interactive course interactions. Our CMS comes equipped with different modules along with the facilities such as an integrated e-mail tool, chat tool, threaded discussion board and a gradebook to name a few.

Virtual Classroom Software

Choosing the best virtual classroom software for your organization, institute or school is of paramount importance. We offer highly-customized virtual classroom software purpose-built for facilitating online teaching. With features like real-time notes, cloud recording, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, content management system, and media sharing among others, our Virtual classroom software is designed to keep all the participants engaged and focused for a productive learning experience.

School Management Software

We design and develop highly customized school management and administration software with plenty of features and built-in functions that allow offers full visibility and control over a host of activities ranging from attendance to academic performance to automatic billing and mobile alerts among others.

Corporate Learning & Knowledge Management Software

We use leading technologies and lean design to develop corporate learning & knowledge management that help organizations and enterprises, irrespective of their size, to effortless manage their employees’ records, and track their development and training for better retention rate and productivity.

VR/AR-enabled Education Solutions

We offer groundbreaking VR/AR education solutions equipped with highly innovative student-friendly interface for enhanced knowledge retention across all groups. With sophisticated features like gesture controls and easy-to-use use teacher controls for an immersive 360 learning experience, and that too at affordable rates.

Game-based Learning Platform

Our highly interactive Game-based learning platform is designed to enhance learner engagement and productivity by inculcating gaming elements in the instruction strategy. Our top-of-the-line gaming platform is designed to increase engagement for a highly efficient learning strategy, which in turn helps in faster course completion.

Technologies We Use in Custom eLearning Software Development

We have been completely transferring the way knowledge is delivered and consumed by integrating cutting-edge technology with learning solutions for higher engagement and knowledge retention. We are known for delivering advanced learning management solutions made possible through the use of the latest technologies like AR/VR, IoT, AI & Blockchain.


We make use of Blockchain technology to help enhance the efficiency and the overall effectiveness of the education ecosystem, which in turn promotes real-world exploration for achieving academic excellence. The technology helps student manage and store their personal records without any threat of security breach, which in turn allows them to exercise full control over their academic identity.

Cloud technology

Our cloud technology solutions ensure that learning tools are readily accessible to students and teachers from anywhere and on any device. Our cloud solutions give organizations flexibility to scale up or down based upon the demand at any point of time. Our reliable and dependable cloud solutions help you reduce cost and complexity and aid you in comply with all the regulatory requirements.


We use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to help schools, educational institutes and firms deliver a more personalized e-learning content, which in turn significantly augments ROI. We help you in the creation of more customized online training programs by automating the entire content delivery process.


Chatbots developed by us can help your business grow by assuming the role of a human, and providing right information quickly and efficiently. You can benefit from the informational and advisory services, and data-oriented results provided by chatbots that simulate conversation with a human via text, voice or video.


Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) results in faster and better learning experience and allow your institute to provide relevant knowledge in an ever-changing educational landscape. It can help promote student understanding by allowing them obtain hands-on experience for an immersive learning experience.

Why Choose Q3 Technologies as a Custom Education Software Development Company?

We seamlessly integrate the power of technology and educational practices to create immersive and engaging learning experiences for all students. We leverage the power of technologies to develop next-generation educational apps and software that makes learning engaging, fun , interactive and accessible Few important benefits that you can derive by engaging are services are:

Vast e-learning domain knowledge

Over the years we have developed the knowledge and the expertise to develop eLearning software and app for customized learning solutions to ensure a wholesome learning experience.

Complete Data Security and Privacy

We meet all major E-learning standard to eliminate the possibility of any data misuse, leakage or breach. We have expert data security experts who ensure comprehensive security and integrity of your data by strictly adhering to international compliance standards.

Focus on an engaging learning experience

Our expert designers and developers make use of sophisticated UI and UX to significantly improve the learning experience.

Innovation-driven development

Our strong focus on R&D allow us to help leverage the power of cloud, IoT, analytics, VR & AR, and artificial intelligence to help startups, educational institutions, and enterprises offer customized solutions for an engaging learning experience.

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