Q3 signs another agreement with a leading Skills and Talent Development corporation for the development of smart & interactive Dashboards
Crucial data gathered upon the successful registration & enrollment of the students in a course, course revenue data, related information of centres across the country, and more will be visualized through the dashboards. The interactive dashboards will further help the client in efficient decision-making. The technologies being utilized include Power BI & SQL.


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Q3 signs a deal with a leading medical imaging & comprehensive services provider supporting clinical trials for developing a Cloud-based application aimed towards digitizing the Medical Reports Analysis process
This secure cloud-based application will help to auto-assign the ECG (Electrocardiogram) Strip files to different cardiologists for assessment & analysis. It will further get utilized to ensure the accuracy of the ECG generated by recording the heart rate & rhythm of the users from a wearable device. Q3 Tech team will incorporate the functionalities that […]


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Q3 signs another agreement with a leading multinational Agri Sciences company to enhance and upgrade their employee portal
Our team is helping the client in upgrading various functionalities of the portal, along with the vendor payment approval process that gets further integrated into SAP. The process has to go through multiple approvals. Our team is working towards implementing the One Time Vendor Payment Approval functionality in the portal. The Technologies being utilized includes […]


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Q3 signs another agreement with one of the world’s leading food and support services companies based in Australia to develop a custom application
The application will maintain the recipes of the food that our client provides to large companies. Their client will utilize this app to go through the menu list, book a calendar for both food orders & cancellations. Whereas, the employees of our client can make any changes/updates in the ingredients of the food recipes and […]


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Sales Support System for one of World’s largest tyres manufacturers
For one of the world’s largest and well-known tyre manufacturers based in India, Q3’s comprehensive proposal addressed the concerns to provide the Support and assistance to their distributors/sub-dealers for their regular 2 and 4-wheeler tyre sales and invoice related issues. This Support service helped the Client in reducing their manpower, paperwork, and resolving multiple Sales […]


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Industrial Telematics Fleet Management Solution for a leading IoT solutions provider
The Client wanted a platform which help them in creating multiple trips, assign vehicle to those trips and other related activities. Q3 Technologies successfully developed an Industrial Telematics application for the Client which helps them to track larger vehicles through different parameters like route, status, location etc. Technology Used – Java 8 Live Tracking of […]


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