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To embrace augmented reality to engage your prospective customers better and offer them an authentic digital shopping experience, Q3 Technologies provides expert guidance and support. Partnering with industry leaders would add to your business value. When you deliver better consumer experiences consistently, then sales skyrocket. Improving your business retail sales using augmented reality, virtual reality, product digitization, and machine learning is made easier with Q3 Technologies. An interactive and immersive user experience is created using augmented reality-AR for your business to cache on the right opportunities in time. It is estimated that brand impact can be boosted on average by more than 41% when you capitalize on 3D virtual try-on apps.

Types of Virtual Try On Solutions We Develop

Consumers use mobile phones or tablets to digitally try on things such as apparel, jewellery, and cosmetics. The technique employs augmented reality, which overlays images over the actual environment via the camera on their device. Innovative techniques that use 3D modeling and item placements get you natural-looking effects. In-store virtual fitting rooms/smart mirrors, mobile virtual try-on, and desktop virtual try-on are some of them. In-store virtual fitting rooms/smart mirrors is a dressing room that uses Augmented Reality (trial room). Using mobile virtual try-on, end-users may envision the item using their smartphone camera. Make-up and sunglasses are popular digital try-on. And desktop virtual try-on helps buyers check how they would appear wearing lots of things such as apparel or cosmetics.

Virtual Try-on Jewellery

From earrings to necklaces, the choices are more for women to choose from in the jewellery stores but to try it all patiently from their comfort zone before they spend big money, virtual try on the web is a handy choice.

Virtual Try-on Eyewear

Frames and colours, as well as the styles and designs of the goggles, spectacles and glasses that we wear, should look elegant and graceful on us. How do we know that before checking if we are at home? 3D virtual try-on apps are the answer.

Virtual Try-on Watches

What looks best on you as a dynamic accessory to fit well with your attire? To get an idea and make informed decisions and look stylish in any suit that you wear, 3D virtual try-on apps would be of great help.

Virtual Try-on Furniture

By allowing you to see the furnishings and décor in your house before you purchase it, these innovative applications using augmented reality may assist you in deciding that. Augmented reality might make it simpler to purchase a settee.

Virtual Try-on Glasses

Customers may virtually try on items using virtual try-on before placing an order. They can even get a preview of the items and rapidly envision how they will look wearing the same. You may test out a vast selection of colours with the help of one interactive platform.

Virtual Try-on Make-up

Utilize our virtual cosmetic try-on tool to explore the newest lip, eyebrow, and skincare. An innovative face tracking program is used by the virtual try-on technology to locate your cheeks, forehead, chin, and other features and apply virtual cosmetics there.

Virtual Try-on Hair

Which hairstyle would suit you the best? More than seeing the product catalogue of the models, if you put yourself in the place of the model and see how it looks, then you make wise decisions. Thanks to the 3D virtual try-on apps.

Benefits of Virtual Try-on Solutions for Your Business

Customers showing loyalty to your business brand is a real asset for your organization. If you have a loyal customer base, you can capitalize on that to any height. An exponential increase in profitability for your business becomes easier only with the best loyal customer base you build. So, engaging your customers smoothly with this virtual try-on app wins you laurels, good ratings, and reviews. As customers have the chance to become brand ambassadors, they would look at it as a potential to grow with the brand’s popularity. This is the secret to the success of the virtual try on the web. If you want your business to prosper, too, then use the Q3 Technology team’s expertise to implement the virtual try on solutions.

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