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Application to Manage and Monitor Employee Health Benefits, Premium Payments and Billing for Employers and Third Party Administrators.

This application provides a software solution to TPAs (Third Party Administrators) to manage their employer and allow employees to enroll for different plans. The main objective of the application is to allow an employee to enroll for any available benefit plan, incur expenses for eligible plan related items and submit a claim for reimbursement of those expenses. For this, the employee has to fill the claim form and upload it in the application. As per the claim, the reimbursement is done in the form of either Check or Automated Clearing House (ACH) file. This is a Web and mobile-based claim insurance application for a leading software solutions provider in the USA.

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Application for Program Management and Product Configuration for a World-leading, Global Skills and Talent Development Company.

This is a Web-based application for a leading educational organization. The application is used to create an educational program for students that are pursuing different courses under the organization. The main objective of the application is to allow user to create a program life cycle, which includes tasks, such as defining courses, course durations, course fees, course semester, eligibility criteria and so on.

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Sales Tracking Application for a Mobile handset Manufacturer

This is a Web-based sales tracking application for one of the leading manufacturer of mobile phones and hand held devices. The application is used to collect information about the transactions of products between different channels, such as distributors, retailers, and customers. The main objective of the application is to allow user to keep track of the sales data of each transaction.

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Auction Management Application for a large Retail e-Commerce Brand

The application is an Auction and Bidding Management Software for a leading Gems and Jewelry manufacturer and exporter with online and TV sales channels in the US and UK.

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Application for 360 Degree Care for Patients with Severe Illness

This application helps patients by tracking their symptoms, medications, nutrition, and exercise. The application provides a patient the ability to network with other patients, care givers, and health care providers. The application provides modules to chat/speak with other patients, oncologists or doctors via phones or computers without visiting them physically.

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Application for managing ePRO data and large clinical trials

This Mobile Application facilitates clinical trials, allowing patients and doctors to record and transmit data to centralized Web servers.

The Client needed to develop a customized PDA- based application to allow the Client's personnel or Administrators and Investigators to design studies/applications on desktop, send/install them on PDAs, collect data recorded by the patient, and transmit data through GPRS/Wi-Fi/Acoustic transmission.

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Device Diagnostics and Testing Application

The mobile application is intended for the Consumer, Manufacturer, and Service Center users. These are three applications developed - web-based, desktop-based, and mobile-based for one of the leading consumer electronics companies. The web application is intended for various users, such as Admin user, Supplier user, Line user, and Service Center user. The application allows the user to manage users, models, and tests on the assembly lines in the manufacturing plant. The Desktop application is intended for the Manufacturers and Service Center users. Based on the user roles, the application allows users to view the test status of the connected devices but only for the duration till the device is connected to desktop application. The application allows users to perform testing of the devices. The Mobile application consists of various tests and categorizes these tests, such as Screen test, Camera Test, and Touch tests.

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ERP Application for Construction Industry

This is an ERP application for a leading construction firm in the USA. The application runs on the cloud and therefore, provides the ability to access any construction related information anytime and from anywhere, which helps in making quick decisions. The main objective of the application is to automate complex tasks or create comprehensive dashboards in order to analyze project budgets, maximize the profitability of the projects, and make all the departments collaborate better to work more efficiently.

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Airline Reservation and Flight Status Application for Smart Phones

This is a Smart Phone solution for a European Airline company to help their customers with airline reservations and flight status update.

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Distributed rail and bus support system on the Blackberry and Android devices

Q3 architected, designed, developed and implemented a distributed rail and bus support system on the Blackberry and Android devices powered by an enterprise system built on the Blackberry enterprise server.

A Native Customer Assistance BlackBerry App is developed for station and on-train staff. The app provides train running information, alerts and a possibility to do Journey Planning.

Another Native Rail Replacement Bus Management BlackBerry App is developed for bus stop staff, which provides information on daily dashboard, recording of arrival & departure, addition of new buses into service based on demand.

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