Q3 Technologies has been creating innovative solutions to drive digital transformation in many enterprise domains. We have rich experience in delivering IT solutions related to software development, security, UI/UX design, e-commerce, and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors in a big way. Many institutions are doing away with the traditional system of functioning and replacing them with AI-powered solutions. This has helped them reduce operational issues, manpower costs, optimize process workflows and improve customer experience.

Banks and financial institutions are always trying to grow their customer base to improve profitability and look at optimizations in the core functioning areas to achieve their targets. Artificial Intelligence for BFSI sector has opened a gateway of opportunities for financial organizations to improve productivity at various departments like customer relationship management, managed services, wealth management, back-office operations and risk management.

Artificial Intelligence For BFSI Sector

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in BFSI industry include using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customer requirement and behaviour, developing automated learning systems for detecting threat and fraud, automating the customer care department and personalizing customer experience using data analytics.

Benefits of implementing AI in the BFSI domain include better customer analysis and service, cleaner practices, quicker turnaround of essential services, greater customization of services, better maintenance of documents, cash and inventory, enhanced security and customer-friendly online experience. It is predicted that the application of Artificial Intelligence in BFSI sector is set to grow 30% annually in the next 6 years.

The talented AI engineers and specialists at Q3 Technologies can help financial institutions in implementing AI solutions like – customer support automation, customer behaviour analysis, knowledge projection and visualization, image processing of documents and credentials, decision management and application management, to name a few.

Besides BFSI, Artificial Intelligence has become a game changer in telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce industries as well.