About Microsoft Solutions

Q3Tech brings you the power and finesse of Microsoft Subscription Solutions for your business. Whether you are working on a standalone project with specified business goals or are customizing cloud infrastructure at the Enterprise level – CSP is the right way to go. In today’s digital-first business world, we deliver comprehensive solutions efficiently, economically, and flexibly.

Benefits of Microsoft Subscription Solutions

Automatic updates for features and new versions

 Free OTA updates for software and new features are available automatically

Flexible pay-as-you-go model with an annual subscription

Combine any product’s subscriptions and manage them as per your needs

Active platform

Unlimited access to a free dashboard where you manage subscriptions, change settings based on users/requirements, exclude or add used solutions and track consumption independently using the analytics functionality

Optimised budget management

Distribute your costs based on business needs, whether it’s a large initial investment or smaller amounts distributed over time

Certified Microsoft Based Solution Provider

Q3Tech puts its best foot forward as a Microsoft Solution provider with a vast portfolio of experience in Microsoft apps. Combining our experience in the industry and our capability to provide scalable comprehensive Microsoft Based Solutions, we help clients take one step towards their goals.

Staying one step ahead

We help businesses with adopting, deploying, and collaborating programs that surround new Microsoft technologies. The goal is to bring these solutions to your business so that your technological edge keeps you ahead in the race. 

Building a better business

The combined competence of Microsoft and Q3Tech is rooted in a future-focused approach and seamless collaboration. Our partnership uses Microsoft’s CRM, ERP and collaboration tools to ensure you get flexible and innovative solutions of the highest quality. 

Key business offerings

  • Financial Management
  • Sales Tracking Systems
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Software Product Development

Our Microsoft Consulting Solutions and Services

Microsoft Dot Net Microsoft Dot Net

Q3Tech provides enterprises with a wide range of .NET services. We’ve proven our capabilities of building scalable and robust enterprise-based and web-based applications while leveraging .NET. Using a common functionality set, .NET enables each component to function reliably with the other.

Microsoft Dot Net MVC Microsoft Dot Net MVC

.NET MVC is an open-source framework. MVC is developed and controlled by Microsoft. This design pattern is used for decoupling UI, data, and application logic – view, model, and controller respectively.

Microsoft Dot Net WPF Microsoft Dot Net WPF

WPF makes for a robust and powerful framework to build Windows applications. Before WPF was rolled out, previous Microsoft UI frameworks like MFC and Windows Forms were simply wrappers around GDI32 DLLs and User32. However, WPF only minimally uses User32.


ASP.NET is an open-source framework used for adding lightweight and clean components to a project. Q3Tech helps in efficiently managing the complexities that come with an increase in market size. ASP.NET Core has dependency injection as its fundamental functionality for managing dependencies within the framework. These services or dependencies must be configured first to understand how they must be resolved.

Why Choose Q3Tech for Microsoft Consulting Services?

At Q3Tech, we believe that the success and business interests of our clients are the topmost priorities in our business. This can be seen reflecting in our customer interactions, day-to-day operations, and decision-making. The Engineering DNA culture within this enterprise is supplemented by the ‘stay true, real and honest’ policy in guiding the behavior and principles of our workforce. This applies to our overall customer experience objectives as well as employee commitments. 

Microsoft Solutions to Drive Business Success

With the perfect blend of the right solutions for your business, your IT game and competence in the market go higher. Q3Tech helps businesses retain their edge and lead the competition, by deploying for them the newest cloud software technologies and hardware infrastructure. Whether you are switching to an enterprise solution by Microsoft for internal IT needs or upcoming customer-facing projects, Q3Tech has you covered.

Become a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner

As a CSP, Q3Tech helps you bundle existing Microsoft Cloud solutions with our in-house services at the same price that you would get if you went to Microsoft directly. And as Microsoft partners with a team of trained tech consultants, Q3Tech gives you a high level of technical support for all Microsoft Based solutions.

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Microsoft has three different cloud solutions for enterprises. The most widely used one is Microsoft Azure. Azure is the public cloud computing platform by Microsoft Azure, offering a range of solutions and cloud-based services. This includes analytics, computing, networking, and storage.

Microsoft offers three cloud platforms for enterprise-level services and solutions. These are Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 Cambay.

Microsoft provides cloud computing in 4 specific forms – IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), SaaS (software as a service), and serverless.

MS Office 365 Consulting Services help enterprises to understand the Office applications they use. They then map the business requirements of the enterprise for the right solutions within the suite.

There are 4 key Microsoft solution areas. These are

  • Modern Workplace
  • Business Applications
  • Apps and Infrastructure
  • Data and AI