Custom Mobile App Development Company

Outdated or restricted usage of endpoint and mobile technology is a crucial limitation. It restricts or even eliminates creativity in users and prevents organizations from becoming agile. The key goal of Q3 is to create a strategic, long-term roadmap for handling market changes and unifying processes, practices and goals.

Q3’s mobile app development services provide flexible end-user computing (EUC) architecture that can accommodate a regular stream of new types of devices and usage patterns. We also offer analytics capabilities to drive user experience, investment decisions and service delivery. The target is to deliver a unified experience that makes the right content accessible for the task, at the right place and time on the right mobile device.

Our mobility staff is made up of skilled UX experts, software engineers and analysts with years of experience building apps for Android and iOS using React Native, PhoneGap, Xamarin and other cross-platform frameworks.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development

Our team of full-stack Android developers successfully create apps for Android for businesses of different sizes across industries. We also help add features or update existing enterprise applications. With a growing number of Smartphone users in emerging markets like India, an Android app can help you reach more people through a personalized app experience.

iOS App Development

our team of trained experts and the most advanced tools, we know what it takes to design, create and deploy a successful application for iOS. Creating an iOS app not only helps you create a more personalized user experience, but you can also integrate some of the exclusive Apple features into your app experience.

Cross-Platform App Development

We work with experts who create multi-platform mobile solutions for both iOS and Android devices. We use the most popular frameworks like Flutter, PhoneGap and React Native to bring you custom app development with a smooth experience across platforms.

Why Brands Choose Q3 as their Mobile Development Company

As a market-leading mobile app development company, Q3 has helped clients across geographies and industries expand their businesses to mobile platforms. We help them differentiate themselves in the market through a user-centric digital experience. Our application development offerings include development, consultations, UI/ UX, and security and quality testing services on all mobile platforms and operating systems (Android and iOS).

Scope of Mobile App Development Services

The growth of mobile applications in app markets has created new opportunities for business growth and revenue. Companies that have worked out how to create exciting and engaging apps are thriving in this new market. Statistics show that people spend more time on various applications today than they do surfing the web. Over 80 million active sessions are recorded every day across mobile platforms. And when it comes to operating systems, iOS and Android are clearly ahead of any competition, with Windows being a distant third.

We help you plan, design, develop, deploy and manage your application. From concept to deployment, we take care of every step exactly the way you need it. We also provide prompt post-deployment services and support, regular app updates and constant backend support.

What Makes us Different from Other Mobile App Development Companies?

Mobile usage patterns and customer demands evolve and increase with time. Thus, any legacy computing architecture for end-users is rendered obsolete, as are any architectures that don’t evolve. Repetitive tasks are getting automated or eliminated and large amounts of work today are collaborative. For many people, their jobs don’t need to be performed from specific locations; rather they can be performed in different locations through various devices.

We collaborate with clients to navigate business and technology changes to eventually give them a competitive edge. We provide reliable, cost-effective and high-quality tech-driven solutions for clients across the globe. We do this by combining our deep industry knowledge and expert technical skills to focus on creating solutions through cross-platform frameworks and app outsourcing skills.

Our signature approach helps us align with the business interests of our customers, ensure flexibility in engagement and delivery, offer round-the-clock customer support and innovate and lead through our innovation labs and competence centers. Our integrated development facility network throughout India is aided by offsite, onsite and near-shore skills in international markets. Thus, we can deliver superior quality and solutions with optimized costing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Depending on your specific needs, the price of an app can range from $200- $1000.This costing is aimed at small or medium businesses. For more complex apps like video streaming or sharing platforms, the development and management cost can go into thousands.

Flutter, created by Google, is the most widely-used cross-platform framework that global app developers use. According to a Statista developer survey in 2021, 42% of the world’s software developers use the Flutter framework.

  • Get app security audits
  • Execute proper logging
  • Use encryptions for everything
  • Update your software and servers regularly
  • Monitor and secure your app in real-time

While creating an app, all development tasks for the Android app, iOS app and backend tasks should be performed parallelly. Smaller apps and beta versions require two months to make. Mid-sized applications might take about 12 to 14 weeks. Meanwhile large or complex apps can easily take 5 to 6 months to complete.