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Explore our spectrum of mobility-solutions helping top businesses of the world; framing their mobile strategy and integrating mobile into their traditional workplace in an optimized and secure way.
At Q3 Technologies, we develop both business-to-employee (B2E) and business-to-consumer (B2C) apps, for Large & Medium Enterprises.
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EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management is the set of practices and policies enterprises use while securing sensitive business information on employee-owned and corporate-owned devices. EMM integrates the capabilities of multiple technologies for enhanced data security for corporate data on enterprise devices. These technologies are MDM (mobile device management), MAM (mobile application management), MCM (mobile content management), and MIM (mobile identity management).
Q3 offers comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions that enable IT administrators and teams to enforce all necessary security measures and manage devices on various platforms to protect sensitive data.

Components of Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM solutions help administrators to enroll devices seamlessly and assign them into the workforce. It also helps in configuring restrictions and security policies on them while tracking their location.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

MAM helps IT teams distribute, install, update, and uninstall store apps and in-house enterprise apps onto the team members’ devices.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

MCM helps ensure that critical business data and sensitive corporate information are shared to authorized devices and stored securely.

Mobile Identity Management (MIM)

MIM is made up of features such as MFA (multi-factor authentication) and Enterprise SSO (single sign-on) to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive enterprise information.

Why is Enterprise Mobility management important?

Mobile device endpoint security

Any new device that connects within a network becomes a new data node. Every node is a potential risk area that could attract cybercriminals. With a robust EMM solution, make your cybersecurity protocols consistent across each device. This helps in backing up and protecting data in the event of an attack.

Higher productivity

With greater security and ownership, employees and users can improve their productivity. EMMs provide employees with the comfort and familiarity of their personal devices with enterprise-level security protocols that allow them to function more efficiently. This increased productivity might not be tangible initially, but evaluation at the end of a given period will show higher output.

Mobile content management support

This ensures that every mobile device has secure containers for storing sensitive enterprise data. Mobile content management technology also enables a push-based system for document delivery that generates new file alerts and announces content expiry dates.

Mobile content management support

This ensures that every mobile device has secure containers for storing sensitive enterprise data. Mobile content management technology also enables a push-based system for document delivery that generates new file alerts and announces content expiry dates.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management Services

We specialize in multiple domains of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions.

Our areas of technological expertise are:

  • Android, iOS, and cross-platform solution development
  • UX and UI implementation and design
  • Developing enterprise middleware for mobile app integration support

Our key offerings at Q3 are

  • Remote auditing systems
  • Customer self-service applications
  • Patient assistance applications
  • Mobile payment systems and wallets
  • Customer self-service systems
Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Why Choose Q3Tech for Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

At Q3, we create B2E (business-to-employee) and B2C (business-to-customer) applications for medium and large businesses. We offer proven development methods across industries that can unlock your business’s potential for a mobility revolution.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions facilitate higher levels of competition within an enterprise. They allow users to securely access, store and use enterprise data beyond their office environment. Give an edge to your organization with on-the-go data access in today’s competitive world of business.
Enterprise mobility helps increase productivity by allowing access to critical data and information when your employees are on the move. The focus is always on interactivity, customer engagement, and improved productivity. However, the edge will lie with the organization that brings about the next level of tech integration.
Now, any mobile device within a network is ready for cloud service integration with platforms like Exchange Online. This allows users to reply to emails remotely or on the move. This helps decision-makers to give approvals more efficiently and communicate more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

EMM is a process through which enterprises secure corporate data across mobile devices that employees use. It is made up of various technologies and services that help with mobile management.

EMM helps increase and enhance employee productivity. It extends the usage of enterprise mobility apps to their personal mobile handsets, allowing them to perform critical functions at a pace and place they are comfortable with.

Business mobility or enterprise mobility is a growing business trend of offering employees remote working opportunities. Here, employees use personal handsets and laptops for business functions, using cloud solutions for data access.

Mobile management systems allow IT administrators to manage and monitor mobile devices accessing critical enterprise data securely. Mobile device management encompasses storing critical data related to mobile devices, authorizing apps that can be present on devices, geolocations and device security protocols.

On average, creating an enterprise mobility solution will cost anywhere between $40,000 to $180,000. The key factors affecting your costs will be your business needs and the company’s size.

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