Our Expertise

Q3 develops both business-to-employee (B2E) and business-to-consumer (B2C) apps, for Large & Medium Enterprises. Use our proven development methods, tools, architectures, and ability to make enterprise-level mobile stores, to unlock the potential of the mobility revolution.

Mobile first

Ensure specialized app development by understanding the needs of business stakeholders; use our Business Analysts to extract functionality requirements, and solution architects to determine frameworks scalability, integration and security requirements.

Develop fast

Use our agile expertise. Optimize mobile integration and simplify the process of connecting mobile apps to many different types of data sources.

Architect for constant change

Use us to implement a product management approach to mobile app strategies and application life cycle management by treating their apps as products and not projects, continuously evolving and adapting.

Technology Expertise:
  • iOS, Android & Cross platform development
  • UI/UX design & implementation
  • Enterprise middleware development to support mobile application integrations
Key Offerings:
  • Remote Auditing Systems
  • Patient Assistance Applications
  • Customer Self Service Applications
  • Mobile Wallets and Payment Systems
  • Customer Self Service Systems
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