A leading player in the competitive jewelry market faced challenges in managing customer interactions and understanding preferences. To address this, Q3 proposed and implemented an automated solution using Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and MuleSoft Integration. The solution integrated customer data, personalized marketing campaigns, and streamlined sales processes, resulting in improved customer engagement, faster lead conversion, enhanced satisfaction, and efficient inventory management. The client stayed ahead in the market and built lasting relationships with its diverse customer base.

Technology Used – Salesforce Cloud-based CRM, Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and Mulesoft

Business Benefits: Anticipated & Achieved

  • Competitive Edge: +10% Market Share, +5% Revenue Growth
  • Customer Satisfaction: +25% Positive Feedback
  • Salesforce CPQ: -20% Quote Errors, +15% Conversion Rate
  • Customer Data Integration: +40% Sales Leads, +20% Retention
  • MuleSoft Integration: -25% Order Fulfillment Time

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