Microsoft Power BI Company

Microsoft delivers a broad diversity of enterprise-level BI resources. This includes data processing, data aggregation and all-inclusive BI apps which provide a complete perception of the business. With years of experience and strong technical skills in Microsoft applications, Q3 Technologies help companies to gain information from data over the enterprise and create personalized dashboards and immersive analyses.

We build and design dashboards and reports customized according to your specific needs. API connections are created by our developers to your data sources. This will enable you to pull data from every relevant source and make a general view of your business. All your databases stream and critical applications stream into a single dashboard where you can organize, update, create and share powerful reports easily on any device.

Our Microsoft Power BI Services

Carefully partnered BI tools of Q3 Technologies ensures effective business operations. Our experts amalgamate the potentials of power BI and Big data to develop dashboards. This promotes data-driven decisions. Our Microsoft Power BI services allow us to create analytics applications that are world-class. Our services will help you visualize quickly and derive actionable insights from your data for addressing the challenges and needs as quickly as possible.

Power BI Consulting

Our experts collect complex and diverse data from various sources and refine it into simple dashboards. This lets you spot trends and patterns. Thus, companies can improve on key metrics and take decisive action. Our Microsoft Power BI consultant makes rich dashboards visually for any department and top management.

Custom Connectors

Q3 Technologies has comprehensive custom capabilities that support customers with more specific requirements. The in-house engineering team possesses expertise and knowledge to deliver custom connectors with rapid turnaround times. We are also specialized in custom connectors board to board. We help customers to address their applications and address challenges and save money as well.

Seamless Implementation

Microsoft Power BI can be integrated seamlessly with various new-age applications and legacy for the visual representation of the available data. Power BI is designed for seamless data visualization and data analytics. Power Bi implements query catching with the use of its local caching service.


Users are able to ask questions verbally in natural language for accessing graphs and charts. This is quite useful, particularly for users having mobile devices. Whether you are a large enterprise or a startup, Q3 technologies help you in controlling the flow of the most vital business data.

Interactive Reports

Q3 Technologies, a Microsoft Power BI company, develops Microsoft Power BI that unifies the data from various sources for creating immersive, interactive reports which drive business results and provide actionable insights. The interactive reports simplify the sharing of data in large volumes, increase data-driven decision-making timely and share and discover meaningful insights.

Power BI Upgrades

Q3 Technologies upgrades the classic workspace into a new workspace in Power BI. Modern workspace delivers flexibility for accessing the content in Power BI, more workspace roles, and better access management. The upgraded workspace also has new features, such as a Shared dataset.

Features Offered by Power BI

Microsoft created the potent business intelligence application known as Power BI, which offers a number of functions for data analysis and knowledge discovery. Power BI has established itself as a top option for businesses looking to manage their data and produce powerful data visualizations thanks to its extensive features. Let’s examine some of the main features that Power BI provides in more detail.

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Every industry travels via different challenges, but to add value to their business along with error removal attributes, we design secure, smart, reliable, flexible, adaptable and robust Microsoft Power BI solutions. We develop applications that help in reducing turnaround time and increasing revenue and productivity. For more than 25 years, Q3 Technologies has been sculpting the future of technology in various industries. We offer services to various sectors, including: