Q3 Technologies is one of the leading companies offering augmented reality services. We are involved in the implementation of AR in the jewelry industry to increase customer satisfaction and experience.

Augmented Reality is quickly gaining traction and is one of the most promising fields of technology in recent years. It is truly a game changer and is taking customer experience to the next level. One can showcase numerous elements in a real environment, allowing a person to understand how a product or service would feel in real life. It also leads to more sales, as nearly 40% of the customers are willing to pay more when they have a first-hand experience.

Augmented Reality for jewelry industry is quickly gaining traction for its usefulness. With numerous online jewelry stores popping up, it has become crucial to know how a particular design or model looks on an individual’s neck, or finger, or arm. Being able to see exactly how a particular piece of jewelry fits on oneself will help making the decision much easier.

Augmented Reality for Jewelry Industry

It also ensures that a customer is more likely to make a purchase as all doubts about the way it looks and fits are dispelled. This is exactly why augmented reality companies in jewelry sector are multiplying since they see an incredible amount of opportunity and potential in this field.

Online businesses are the fad now, and being able to view the product in a real environment is extremely useful and powerful. The biggest problem with the e-commerce industry is that they have been unable to provide an effective way to show customers exactly how something would look on them, rather than a generic model in a photograph; this is what Q3 Tech is avidly working on. Augmented Reality application for Jewelry industry, however, begs to differ. It is able to effectively solve one of the major caveats of online shopping.

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